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New Capital City Market Coming to Lansing

Map of where new Capital City Market will be located in Lansing.In an exciting move to bring fresh food, new lodging, and more residential space to downtown Lansing, the Gillespie Group started construction on a four-story commercial and apartment building in the spring of 2019. The new development will include a nationally-ranked hotel with meeting space, a lounge and restaurant, and a first-floor urban market operated by Meijer. The project complements adjacent residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, and the area of Lansing known as the Stadium District.

Redevelopment in the Stadium District has been underway since the mid-1990s. This property, where subsurface contamination was left behind by such historical uses as automobile service and repair, a gas station, and coal storage, has suffered significant decline and deterioration over the years.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has worked with the Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and the development team to provide a $1,250,000 grant and a $750,000 loan to facilitate the safe reuse of this property. Due care and response activities are necessary to address the contaminants in soil and groundwater. The determined collaboration among many partners, including the Gillespie Group, city of Lansing, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, EGLE, and others have made this project possible. This development will continue to move downtown Lansing forward.

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