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Water plant upgrades, lead pipe removal among project funded with EGLE loans

Water treatment plant upgrades, removal of lead pipes and better disinfection are among the water system improvement funded by new low-interest loans to nine Michigan drinking water and wastewater facilities. The loans come from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) and Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).

The CWSRF awarded five loans totaling $45,545,000 to fix a variety of critical infrastructure repairs. The loans include a total of $477,560 in principal forgiveness that will not have to be repaid. The projects will address updates to wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, and structurally deficient pipes. A number of these infrastructure issues were discovered and prioritized through grants provided by EGLE through its Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) program. The SAW program, which began in 2013, continues to generate crucial information to communities in deciding what repairs need to be made and provides data to make the most cost-effective decisions. EGLE is pleased with the success of the grant and loan programs working together to protect Michigan's environment and public health.

The DWSRF issued four loans totaling $12,445,000 for projects that include water treatment plant upgrades, improved disinfection, deficient pipe replacement and the removal of lead and galvanized service lines. One project received $17,985 in principal forgiveness for lead service line removal work.

EGLE, using financing available through the CWSRF and DWSRF, continues to prioritize and address water and wastewater needs throughout the State. Staff are available to answer questions and communities are encouraged to visit the CWSRF website and DWSRF website, contact a project manager, and/or fill out an Intent to Apply form to find out how the loan programs could work for them.

Applicant Loan Amount Principal Forgiveness
Project Description

CWSRF and DWSRF 2nd Quarter Loans for Fiscal Year 2020

Village of Armada $4,710,000 N/A Wastewater treatment plant improvements and minor pump station upgrades
Great Lakes Water Authority $28,350,000 N/A Crossover tunnel for Detroit River Interceptor and repair work
City of Tecumseh $1,760,000 N/A Wastewater treatment plant transformer, actuator controls, sewer rehabilitation
City of Hastings $9,375,000 $207,560 Wastewater treatment plant improvements
City of Lincoln Park $1,350,000 $270,000 Sanitary sewer rehabilitation
City of Fraser $4,430,000 N/A Pressure reducing valves and watermain replacement
City of St. Joseph $1,395,000 $17,985 Watermain replacements and lead service line replacements
City of Owosso $3,220,000 N/A Watermain replacement and water treatment plant improvements
City of Ann Arbor $3,400,000 N/A Ultraviolet disinfection

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