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Podcast with EGLE expert explores how Michigan's high waters are "affecting every corner of the state"

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Jerrod Sanders, assistant director of EGLE's Water Resources Division, recently joined Kelly McElroy, host of the SustainabiliME podcast to talk about the impact of high water levels throughout the state of Michigan.

Sanders highlighted not only the challenge of record and near-record water levels on the Great Lakes but how the wettest period in Michigan's recorded history has saturated soils all over the state and raised groundwater tables substantially, leading to a variety of effects from crumbling roads, erosion of bluffs and homes that have collapsed into water.

"What's happening right now is affecting every corner of the state in one form or another," said Sanders. "No part of the state is completely immune to it."

"It's not going to be a normal year on the lakeshore this year," he added. "It's really about getting information out and getting people the tools they need to make decisions."

Resources related to high-water issues include:

  • EGLE's high water website, which includes Frequently Asked Questions, fact sheets, a contractor list, webinar sign-ups and recordings, and a link to the MiWaters permitting portal.
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website, which includes information on water permits, emergency response, Frequently Asked Questions, and resources; and
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website, which includes information on Great Lakes monitoring, forecasts, observations, and resources.

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