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EGLE awards 7th and final round of funding for its Stormwater, Asset Management, Wastewater Grant Program

Vacuum truck cleans a pipe for camera inspectionThe Stormwater, Asset Management, Wastewater Grant Program (SAW) program was established in 2013 to help municipalities develop, update, and improve asset management plans for their wastewater and stormwater systems. Most communities use the funding to create asset management plans to help save money, better provide services, and to inform their rate payers on the current and future needs of the systems. With 590 grants awarded over the life of the program and the State's push toward asset management as the most efficient way to manage its finite resources, Michigan has become a national leader in the use and implementation of asset management for wastewater and stormwater systems.

SAW program by the numbers:

Round Date awarded Number of grants awarded Dollar amount awarded
1 May 2014 92 $79 million
2 November 2014 115 $89.9 million
3 November 2015 134 $100.8 million
4 November 2016 137 $96.4 million
5 November 2017 80 $66.1 million
6 May 2018 13 $8.1 million
7 April 2020 19 $8.6 million 
    590 $448,900,000


As communities implement their grant funded projects hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on local jobs and infrastructure. The process has also generated construction projects to address critically needed improvements that were detected and prioritized through the asset management process.  Municipalities that received a SAW grant now have a better understanding of the condition of their wastewater and stormwater facilities, how to prioritize needs, and the most efficient and cost-effective time to make needed repairs to the critical infrastructure components.

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