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Become a Clean Water Ambassador!

Ninah Sasy headshotEGLE's Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate is looking for Michigan residents to be Clean Water Ambassadors. Ambassadors will play an integral role in improving communication and transparency around water quality issues in Michigan.

Established by Gov. Whitmer as an office within EGLE, the Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate's duties include ensuring that drinking water concerns are investigated and that trends in drinking water quality are analyzed.

Based on its review of the data and citizen input, the Public Advocate can make recommendations regarding state laws, rules, regulations, and procedures so community concerns are addressed. The Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate also acts as an interface between state, local and private sector stakeholders to ensure that Michigan is more responsive to public drinking water concerns.

The Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate's communication strategy strives to ensure two-way communication among all stakeholders including community partners and residents. Ambassadors play a key role in improving communication because Ambassadors will not only provide their feedback about existing water quality initiatives but will also inform what information is needed to improve transparency.

"We must ensure that Michigan residents have the opportunity to inform the state and local water quality efforts that impact their communities," said EGLE Clean Water Public Advocate Ninah Sasy. "We are excited to launch this effort to bring new and diverse voices from the community to the table and look forward to hearing their ideas on how we can make cleaner drinking water for all Michiganders a reality.

In support of the outreach effort, EGLE recently launched phase 1 of the Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate website.

The new site provides an overview of the Public Advocate's mission and includes information for interested members of the public to volunteer as clean water ambassadors at

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