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EGLE continues to offer more webinars and virtual meetings than ever

Screen shot from EGLE webinar showing some participants

While some organizations are new to offering online webinars and meetings, EGLE started offering online video presentations circa 2012. During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has ramped up its online offerings without missing a beat.

Since mid-March, when EGLE offices closed to the public and employees are working from home, EGLE's Training and Outreach unit has offered:

  • 32 webinar trainings with over 10,000 attendees.
  • 28 online public information sessions and hearings with over 3,000 attendees.
  • 11 statewide drinking water operator update meetings with over 1,800 attendees.
  • 14 advisory council meetings with over 700 attendees, and
  • A virtual Earth Day celebration with over 740 attendees.

"'Communication' is one of EGLE's core values," says Jim Ostrowski, of EGLE's Training and Outreach unit. "We understand that there is a need to communicate important information in a variety of ways and to find new ways to address challenges like travel restrictions, language barriers, and work schedules. Through our online webinars, meetings, and video recordings we hope to continue to provide our stakeholders with the information they need to help us protect Michigan's environment."

EGLE uses a variety of tools to make communicating with the public easier. EGLE's YouTube channel includes a variety of tutorials and short informational videos as well as recordings of public meetings held around the state. The general public can also tune into a variety of webinars and livestream events that make attendance easier on those who find it difficult to leave their home for an evening meeting.

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