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With EGLE's help, formerly contaminated property now a destination for lattes and pastries in Redford Township

New coffee shop in Redford Township after EGLE helpThe popular chain coffee retailer at the corner of Chicago and Telegraph in Redford Township in suburban Detroit was not always the most attractive property on the block.

Historically, the facility operated as a fuel station and auto repair shop from 1953 through 2014. After it ceased operations, contamination from underground petroleum tanks prevented redevelopment of the property, leaving it vacant for years. The structure became dilapidated, and no viable party existed to address the remaining environmental risk.

The township informed a prospective developer that EGLE could conduct remedial actions using state funding to facilitate redevelopment.

EGLE worked with the township and the property owner to define the extent of contamination that needed to be removed. A contractor was hired, and two excavations removed two separate sources of contamination: nearly 1,000 tons of soils and over 4,000 gallons of groundwater. Verification samples collected showed a marked decrease in contamination levels and removal of the source. $141,800 of Refined Petroleum Funds were utilized by the State for the corrective actions.

With the source contamination removed, the property owner implemented institutional controls to safely construct a new building which now serves lattes and pastries to nearby residents and commuters.

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