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"Eagle vs EGLE" drone dustup tops our 10 most popular stories of 2020

Screenshot of MI Environment webpageA territorial bald eagle that sent an EGLE drone to the bottom of Lake Michigan was the most popular story in the first full year of EGLE's MiEnvironment news blog, followed not-so-closely by stories on topics including historic redevelopment, protecting property from high water erosion, the adoption of some of the nation's most protective PFAS standards and an EGLE geologist who solved an internet mystery.

All told EGLE published 131 stories during the course of the year. MiEnvironment articles are written by EGLE staff, and focus and the agency's mission, vision and values.

More than 8,900 people subscribe to MI Environment's weekly digest.

Here are the Top Ten most-read stories of 2020:

  1. Shoreline-mapping EGLE drone sent to watery Lake Michigan grave by U.P. bald eagle
    • An Upper Peninsula bald eagle launched an airborne attack on a drone operated by an EGLE pilot last month, tearing off a propeller and sending the aircraft to the bottom of Lake Michigan.
  2. Marquette homeowner praises EGLE's swift action to minimize damage from high water levels
    • ??High water levels have caused adverse effects for many property owners who live along lakes around the state, and in response, EGLE is expediting permits for work to stem further damage.
  3. Historic WWJ building is the latest historic landmark to be redeveloped with EGLE help
    • EGLE staff get to visit some pretty cool places while helping communities reuse contaminated sites. The historic WWJ building in Oak Park is one.
  4. January puts focus on testing your home for radon, a cancer-causing gas
    • With high radon levels in one of every four homes in Michigan, EGLE is joining with others to observe Radon Action Month in January.
  5. Fast Five: EGLE geologist identifies Lake Huron rock, becomes Internet rockstar
    • EGLE staffer Mary Ann St. Antoine solved a rock mystery that took the Internet by storm.
  6. Saving a piece of northern Michigan history, one bite at a time
    • Community commitment to the old Traverse City State Hospital saved it from the wrecking ball, then a developer’s vision and EGLE investment made history.
  7. Michigan PFAS standards move forward, could be adopted as early as late spring
    • The Environmental Rules Review Committee has approved draft rules limiting PFAS contamination in Michigan drinking water. 
  8. EGLE drone that lost confrontation with bald eagle plucked from bottom of Lake Michigan
    • EGLE staffers pulled the soggy hardware from the lakebed Tuesday afternoon at almost the exact GPS coordinates of its final, frantic transmission.
  9. EGLE grants help Grand Rapids, Holland water utilities improve efficiency, save energy using Aquasight's real-time AI technology
    • Two grants from EGLE have helped the city of Grand Rapids and Holland Board of Public Works improve the efficiency of their water utilities, saving energy and money in the process.
  10. Federal, state agencies, and private sector team up to restore Kalamazoo River at former dam site
    • The removal of a failing century-old dam has restored a stretch of the Kalamazoo River closer to its natural state, improved angling and water sport opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

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