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2020 By the Numbers: 18,000+ well inspections

Gas well in Akron Township, Tuscola County, with wind turbines in the backgroundInspections by geologists on the Oil, Gas and Minerals Division (OGMD) staff are a very important aspect of Michigan's regulatory oversight of the oil, gas, gas storage, injection well and mineral well industries.

Wells that are constructed deep below the earth's surface are inspected as they are being drilled, throughout the well's operational life and when the well is ultimately plugged and abandoned.

A strong inspection presence encourages industry to work closely with OGMD staff to identify and correct any issues of noncompliance. Staff geologists understand an area's geology and hydrogeology, which allows them to identify unique hazards, closely oversee remedial actions, investigate odor complaints, identify leaks and sources of fugitive emissions, and build relationships with local stakeholders.

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