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2020 By the Numbers: $326.7 million in state revolving fund loans

storm sewer installation in Benton HarborThe State Revolving Fund, comprised of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, awarded 42 loans in 2020 totaling more than $326 million.

Over the lifetime of the two loan programs, more than $6.2 billion has been spent financing projects by water suppliers and local municipalities.

The clean water loan program issued its first loan in 1989 with the drinking water loan program about a decade later.

Drinking water loan projects may include new wells, new water treatment plants, storage facilities, upgrades to existing facilities, transmission lines, pumping facilities, removal and replacement of lead service lines and other related waterworks system improvements.

Clean water loan projects may include wastewater treatment system improvements, storm water treatment projects and nonpoint source pollution control projects. Better handling and treatment of our drinking water and wastewater infrastructure has a direct effect on public health and the environment affecting all Michigan residents.

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