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2020 By The Numbers: 26 ozone air monitors

Ozone monitor in KalamzooEGLE staff monitor for six pollutants: carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide, as well as several air toxics, trace metals and black carbon.

EGLE' Air Quality Division (AQD) maintains more than 40 monitoring sites for one or more of the pollutants. There are 26 monitors for ozone around the state and in 2020, EGLE installed two new automated gas chromatographs and other ozone precursor monitoring instruments (one in Grand Rapids and one in Detroit).

The Air Quality Division was awarded $700,000 from the EPA last year for advanced geographic mapping projects and real-time monitoring to evaluate contributors of ozone creation in southeast Michigan.

AQD staff also completed the 2020 Ozone Marginal State Implementation Plan requirements, addressing emission inventories and emission statements, and continued to gather information on gas pipelines, landfill emissions, reasonable available control technology rules, port/marine and mobile emissions and development of geographic information system maps.

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