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Where does EGLE' s budget money go? More than half is returned back to communities, as new grants and loans dashboard shows

Lead line removalMost of EGLE's budget flows back to Michigan communities in the form of grants, loans and other support. The department recently unveiled a new Grants and Loans Dashboard that shows exactly where the funding goes.

This interactive dashboard provides access to a rich dataset of information. Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020 data is currently available with plans to add additional Fiscal Years so users can search for projects funded in their community and look at funding trends.

The money flowing back to municipal governments and other entities help those communities protect the environment and public health through projects as diverse as water treatment equipment upgrades to flood control infrastructure.

"This furthers our commitment to transparency, accountability, and to the communities we partner with to help improve the systems critical to the environment and the health of Michiganders," said Amy Epkey, senior deputy director with EGLE. "We're excited to share this new and useful tool with the public."

Check out the story map that explains the dashboard.

Photo caption: Lead line removal.

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