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New hazardous waste 101 video joins other EGLE Classroom resources

Hazardous waste EGLE Classroom video screenshotA new EGLE Classroom video defining hazardous waste under Michigan's environmental regulations is the latest free resource made available by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).

EGLE enforces very strict regulation for handling hazardous waste to ensure it is managed safety in a manner that protects us and our environment. The regulations are designed to prevent dangerous condition when handling the waste and to prevent the waste from being released to the environment after it is produced. There are cradle-to-grave tracking requirements that each person handling hazardous waste must follow, including the generators, transporters, and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. In fact, most hazardous waste has to be treated before it can be disposed, to further ensure any toxic materials in the waste are never released to the environment.

Quickly learn what is considered a hazardous waste by viewing the video.

To find outlets for household hazardous waste disposal, visit our EGLE Household Hazardous Waste Web page at

To learn more about the management standards that apply to non-households, see Chapter 2 of our Michigan Guide to Environment, Health, and Safety at or view our recorded waste webinars found online at under the "Announcements" tab.

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Photo caption: Screenshot from EGLE Classroom video on hazardous waste.

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