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Environmental emergency preparedness and response focus of EGLE webinar series

Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Webinar Series banner graphicAs National Preparedness Month kicks off, today's MI Environment story is the first of a two-part look at EGLE's emergency management work - highlighting two upcoming webinars on Sept. 22 and Oct. 20 and two archived webinars already held as part of the series.

When large-scale environmental incidents and emergency events such as fires, floods, dam failures, and oil spills occur in Michigan, they have the potential to cause devastating impacts to human health and the environment.

However, the damage caused by these disasters can be mitigated with proper preparedness and response.

That's the focus of a new EGLE webinar series -- helping business, industry, government, and the spill response community understand the complexities of preparing for and responding to large-scale environmental incidents.

The four webinars in the series will provide an understanding of the various associated roles, responsibilities, regulations, and response technologies.  

The first two webinars aired in June (The Emergency Management Framework and Where You Fit In) and August (Release Reporting Regulations in Michigan . . . Sara Title III, Part 5, Oh My!) and are archived for viewing.

Two additional webinars will air on September 22 (The Michigan Mapping Project: An Emerging Response Technology) and October 20 (Preparing for the Worst but Hoping for the Best). Register to watch any of the webinars.

Photo caption: Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Webinar Series banner graphic

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