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EGLE launches Environmental Education Resource Lending Station

Ecological restoration lending station.Michigan teachers and students now have available to them -- for the first time -- resources for the classroom that will focus on Great Lakes watersheds and ecosystems. Funding for the materials comes from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Educators will be able to use the Lending Station materials - EnviroScape models, groundwater models, water testing backpack kits with replacement parts - in the classroom, school fairs, or for environmental education programs.

The Lending Station items will help teachers educate students about the Great Lakes, their ecosystems, stewardship, conservation, and restoration of these natural resources.

Teachers will be able to visually demonstrate topics such as toxic substances and areas of concern; invasive species and ecological impacts; nonpoint source pollution impacts on surface or groundwater; and the impact of chemicals on water resources, habitats, and species.

"Throughout the year, especially during the school months, EGLE's Environmental Education program receives requests from teachers about borrowing EnviroScape and other models for use in their classrooms," said Chrissie Pearce, of EGLE's Environmental Support Division. "The lending stations will prove to be a great resource for teachers, and thousands of Michigan students will be able to benefit from these tools."

Educators may request lending stations by filling out the form on the EGLE Classroom website. If you have any questions, please contact Chrissie Pearce at

Caption: Ecological restoration lending station.

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