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Top 10 MI Environment stories in 2021

Top Ten graphic showing dart in bullseye of targetFrom stories on EGLE's new dam safety unit staff to new technology tools used to carry out the department's mission, MI Environment in 2021 covered a wide variety of topics.

All told, EGLE published 174 stories during the course of the year. MI Environment articles are written by EGLE staff, and focus and the agency's mission, vision and values.

More than 11,700 people subscribe to MI Environment's weekly digest, up from 8,900 this time last year.

Here are the Top Ten most-read stories of 2021:

1. 2020 By the Numbers: 995 wastewater samples tested for COVID-19

Working with 19 laboratories across the state, EGLE is helping coordinate this testing network, which will provide an early warning system for future coronavirus outbreaks.

2. New types of technology help monitor Michigan beaches for harmful pathogens

Monitoring Michigan waters for harmful pathogens to protect beachgoers is conducted across the state by local health officials working in collaboration with EGLE.

3. 2020 By the Numbers: $326.7 million in state revolving fund loans

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund awarded 42 loans in 2020 totaling more than $326 million.

4. New tools, planning help coastal communities strive and thrive in light of constant change

EGLE's Coastal Management Program has partnered with others to develop strategic approaches that increase the knowledge of municipal planners and officials about community resilience.

5. Proper disposal of popular lithium-ion batteries prevents fires, protects your family and the environment

Lithium-ion batteries can pose a significant fire danger, if not disposed of properly.

6. Wetlands Map Viewer: Making Wetlands Geospatial Data Accessible

A trove of information about Michigan's wetlands is available through the EGLE's Wetlands Map Viewer.

7. Meet EGLE's Dam Safety Unit staff, which oversees more than 1,100 dams in Michigan

With more staff, the Dam Safety Unit will be able to double its efforts, perform more inspections and allow for a continued focus on enforcement and compliance issues.

8. Enjoy fireworks safely and dispose of them properly

Fireworks contain dangerous chemicals that can spark fires and improper disposal can put waste collection workers at risk.

9. 51 ideas to celebrate Earth day

Fifty-one years later Earth Day continues to be celebrated as a means to keep a focus on critical environmental issues facing humankind.

10. Before summer travel, check your tires to stay safe and protect the environment

Proper tire maintenance saves lives, improves performance and helps the environment.


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