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National Clean Your Desk Day is opportunity to recycle paper properly

Desk cluttered with paper.Today marks National Clean Your Desk Day, a day devoted to preparing your workspace for the new year and beginning things on the right note. And with so many people working from home during the pandemic, that might mean cleaning off your dresser, coffee table or couch! And with kids doing schoolwork in their room . . . well . . . it's worth a try to get them involved, right?

It's also an opportunity to recycle the piles of paperwork you want to discard. Paper MacKay, one of EGLE's Recycling Raccoons, is the resident expert on recycling paper. "If you have paper, keep it clean and dry and bring it on," the paper aficionado says.

Check out his video and take the paper quiz before you tackle your desk.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Remove everything from your desk.
  • Clean the surface. As you replace items, clean them with the appropriate cleaning supply.
  • Get out the shredder, recycling bin, and the garbage can for non-recyclable paper. Shred, file, scan documents, business cards, recipes, photos as needed.
  • Place all documents and photos in the appropriate locations.
  • Shred and recycle outdated documents and junk mail and toss non-working pens

Caption: Desk cluttered with paper.

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