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Re-test your home for dangerous radon gas if it's been a couple years since your last test

Screenshot of Buy a home radon test at MI.Radon.comIf it's been a couple years since your last radon test, it's time to re-test for the cancer-causing invisible gas that has no taste or smell.

"Residents are encouraged to test for radon every two to five years," says Leslie E. Smith, III, Michigan's statewide indoor radon specialist. "And if a radon mitigation system was previously installed in the home, residents are encouraged to test every two years to make sure that radon levels remain below action levels. Buildings settle and shift over time which can change the amount of radon that enters our indoors."

Previously acquired, unused radon tests should also be checked before use. They have expiration dates. "Expiration dates on home radon tests are important, as use of expired kits may not provide accurate results. It's best to get a new radon test in those cases" Smith added. To avoid ending up with an expired kit, Smith offered this reminder, "Don't put that test kit in a drawer, check to make sure your home is below 4 (picocuries per liter)".

Radon test kits can be purchased from your local health department or at most hardware stores. A national radon laboratory also offers Michigan residents radon test kits at a discounted rate. Both short- and long-term test kits can be purchased online and shipped right to your doorstep. Know your number, test your home for radon this winter. Watch EGLE's video on the subject.

Gov. Whitmer proclaimed January Radon Action Month. Check out the MI Environment story published earlier this month for more information on this dangerous gas present in one in four Michigan homes.

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