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Energy Services facilitating statewide EV fast-charging network

October 8, 2020

Energy Efficiency day was Wednesday, and it highlighted the benefits of energy waste reduction. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy’s (EGLE) Energy Services has numerous energy-saving grant programs. EGLE will feature energy efficiency tips and program information every day this week.

Learn more about Energy Efficiency Day. Share your tips and information on social media using the hashtag #EEDay2020.

Today’s Energy Efficiency Tip

Electricity is an energy-efficient power source for a wide range of vehicles. Electric vehicles can recharge their batteries at strategically placed charging stations throughout the state, drawing power from the electric grid. Electric vehicles are more efficient and produce no harmful emissions, unlike internal combustion engines.

Today’s Featured Energy Services Funding Opportunity

EGLE’s Charge Up Michigan Program is an EV charger placement project  that aims to build the infrastructure for DC fast charging stations throughout Michigan to ensure feasibility of long distance trips for electric vehicle users within the state and to neighboring states and Canada. EGLE will provide funding of up to $70,000 for qualified DC fast charging EV charging equipment, site preparation, equipment installation, networking fees and signage.


Here to Help

Energy Services is committed to promoting healthy communities, economic growth and environmental sustainability through energy efficiency and renewable energy. We support individuals, businesses and communities by providing educational awareness as well as technical, financial and referral assistance. Energy Services offers a variety of programs each year to catalyze growth and jumpstart Michigan entities in reaching their own energy goals.

For more information about EV charging grants

Contact Yunfeng Li,, 517-643-3048.

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