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EGLE takes enforcement against Adrian company

Powdered egg maker continues to cause strong odors in the community

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Air Quality Division (AQD) has announced it is taking escalated enforcement action against Crimson Holdings, LLC facility in Adrian.

The enforcement action will address several violation notices issued to the powdered egg facility since April 2022, including ongoing odor violations and not properly operating equipment or having a proper air permit.

“Given the ongoing complaints of offensive odors from the residents living near the facility, escalating enforcement in this case is important. The company must be held accountable for air violations that have occurred at the facility.” said Chris Ethridge, AQD Assistant Director.

AQD has issued several violation notices to Crimson Holdings regarding odors and air permitting requirements. in an ongoing investigation related to numerous complaints from the residents and violations of Michigan’s Air Pollution Control Rules. Another violation notice for nuisance odors was issued on July 21, 2022.  The company must respond to the latest violation notice by July 28, 2022.

The results of escalated enforcement can take time. Crimson has implemented some odor reduction measures at the facility including adding a carbon filter to the flotation room and aligning a vent on the solids tank. Additional measures continue to be evaluated and will be implemented to address odor concerns in the community.

At EGLE’s request, Crimson tested its air emissions to identify where these strong odors are coming from and what pollutant(s) may be causing these odors. Not all of the sampling results have been received by EGLE. It is not uncommon for lab work to take several weeks. Once the data analysis is finished, EGLE will examine the results and determine what further action will be taken.

The enforcement action will contain a monetary penalty, a compliance plan and penalties for future violations. It may also include a Supplemental Environmental Project. The public will have an opportunity to view and submit comments before the enforcement action is finalized. Further information about the public’s involvement will be provided at that time.

EGLE staff will continue to investigate the odors and respond to complaints, including issuing additional violation notices, if necessary.

If you are experiencing odors or other air quality related circumstances that are bothering you or causing concerns, please continue to reach out through our online complaint form or by calling the Pollution Emergency Alert System number at 800-292-4706.