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MI Business Webinar Series

MI Business Webinar Series - What to Expect from an EGLE Environmental Inspection

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is hosting this 3-part webinar series in partnership with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the series is to help small- to medium-sized businesses get a better understanding of how to prepare for an environmental inspection and what to expect should an inspector arrive. The series will cover air quality, waste, and wastewater regulations and inspections. Each session will include a presentation by EGLE staff and Michigan Businesses followed by a question and answer session from attendees. Below is information about each of the webinars in this 3-part series. Click on the link to register. After you register you will receive an email with a link to attend.

Past/Recorded Webinars in this Limited Series

Part 1:  Air Permits and Inspections - What do I need to know and how do I prepare for an inspection (recorded 11/9/20, 85 min)
This webinar focuses on how a company can begin to determine whether a process they have or are considering needs an air permit, when you should apply for a permit, how to get started on that process and what resources are available.  The webinar will also discuss how a company can successfully work with EGLE's Air Quality Division (AQD) inspection staff.  This will include when and how inspections are done, what an inspector will look for and what may happen if things are not quite what they should be.  Attendees will be able to ask questions of AQD permitting and inspection staff for a first hand account of what success looks like.  You should attend this webinar if you are a company considering new equipment, concerned whether your existing equipment is in compliance or you have questions about air quality you would like answered.

Part 2: Hazardous Waste Management – How to prepare for an EGLE waste inspection? (recorded 11/12/20, 90 min)
This webinar will focus on how to determine what type of waste you have (hazardous waste, liquid industrial by-product, or solid waste) and how it must be managed to protect human health and our environment under Michigan’s environmental regulations. Inspection staff will share details on who they typically inspect, why they inspect, when they inspect, what they want to see, and best practices that can be implemented to ensure a favorable inspection finding. Inspection staff will share examples of both good and bad management practices and what happens when non-compliance is observed. Everyone generates waste materials, whether it’s from an office building, a commercial operation, or an industrial operation. It is important to know not only what type of waste you generate but also how much you generate to know the management standards that apply. This webinar will benefit any business, large or small, by helping them understand how their waste is classified and the management standards that must be met to prevent costly clean-ups. Tune in to ensure you are ready for a hazardous waste inspection.

Part 3: Wastewater – How is it regulated and how to prepare for an inspection? (recorded 11/19/20, 90 min)
Do you know how the water that leaves your property through storm drains, sinks, floor drains, and other points is regulated? This webinar will help you identify what type of wastewater you might generate at your business and how that wastewater is regulated. Staff from EGLE's Water Resources Division will walk you through the various types of wastewater to help you determine what types of permits or authorizations might be required and what to expect from an inspection.