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Introduction to MAERS Webinar Series

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Introduction to MAERS Webinar Series

MAERS Review Webinar: Pre-recorded
Are you familiar with the Michigan Air Emissions Reporting System (MAERS) but in need of a little review? EGLE is pleased to provide this MAERS Review webinar, which is geared for those that are familiar with MAERS but would like a quick review to get them ready for the next submittal. The pre-recorded webinar will provide a very brief review of:

  • Registration process
  • Adding users to an account
  • Navigating the system
  • Submitting Data

Note that this webinar is intended for experienced MAERS users. If you would like more detailed instruction, it is recommended that you attend the Introduction to MAERS webinar series.

If you have questions about this webinar or if it's right for you, please contact Jenifer Dixon at

MAERS Part 1 - Introduction to MAERS: Access, Navigation and the Source and Contact tabs (recorded 1/17/23, 89 min)
In this webinar we will be discussing why MAERS is required for some facilities, what the data is used for and how the system works. We will talk about various resources available to the user and how to access the system. This webinar will finish up with how to navigate the system and what information is required for the Source and Contact tabs.

MAERS Part 2 - Setting the table: the Emission Unit, Reporting Group, and Stack tabs (recorded 1/17/23, 81 min)
This webinar will include a brief synopsis of the Part 1 content; however the focus of this webinar will be on how to complete the Emission Unit, Reporting Group and Stack tabs. There are some emission units and process equipment that must be reported and some you may not have to worry about. The way you enter this information is important too, either making your reporting easier or harder. This webinar will set the table for your entire report.

MAERS Part 3 - The meat of it: the Activity and Emissions portion (recorded 1/19/23, 97 min)
This webinar will start with a brief synopsis of the Part 2 content. Part three of the series will focus on what information needs to be reported as an "activity" and how does that help MAERS calculate your emissions. Most of the time entering your information can be simple, but what if your emission unit has multiple activities and numerous pollutant emissions. We will discuss using MAERS calculated emissions vs your actual emissions. The end of the webinar will show you how to get your own reports out of the system.

MAERS Part 4 - Dessert is for everyone! Additional reporting of control equipment (recorded 1/19/23, 118 min)
In 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandated additional information for control equipment be reported. Some facilities provided the additional information for the 2020 reporting year, and the AQD made assumptions for the rest based upon their reports. Starting with the 2021 reporting year, all facilities will receive a spreadsheet separate from MAERS with last reporting year's data pre-filled.  This webinar will detail how to review your spreadsheet and resources available to submit this information. Various examples of what should be reported, from some very straightforward situations to more complex situations, will be discussed. The webinar will end with a question-and-answer session designed to help facilities get the information they need.

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