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Surface Water Treatment Series

long reservoirs of water under metal railings at sunset
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Surface Water Treatment Series

Drinking water plants that use surface water or ground water under the direct influence of surface water as a source are subject to a complex set of regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act. These drinking water systems protect public health by providing quality drinking water to millions of Michigan residents.

The goal of this webinar series is to provide free, relevant, and timely training. If you are a Michigan F certified operator, associated personnel, or interested in surface water treatment, this series is for you! 


Additional webinars coming soon. 


Recorded Webinars in this Series

Data Integrity (Lab QA and QC) (Recorded 9/13/23, 54 minutes)

Water Treatment Plant: Common Sanitary Survey Findings (Part 2) (Recorded 6/1/23, 67 minutes)

Water Treatment Plant: Common Sanitary Survey Findings  (Part 1) (recorded 03/08/23, 67min)

Emergency Response – Compliance Case Studies (recorded 3/3/22)

Membrane Filtration (recorded 6/16/22)

Rapid Rate Filtration (recorded 9/1/22)

Maintaining Disinfection Residuals (recorded 12/8/22)

Turbidity, Regulations, Monitoring, and Data Integrity (recorded 12/9/21)

Disinfection and CT calculation basics (recorded 9/2/21)