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Bidding Requirements for CWSRF, DWSRF, and SWQIF

Meeting the Competitive Bidding Requirement post Michigan Contractor and Builder:

The website is free to visit but charges a fee to publish bids. Applicants are required to publish a bid advertisement in at least one state wide source to meet the competitive bidding requirement for construction contracts of $50,000 or more. In place of Michigan Contractor and Builder, which is no longer an alternative, many options remain. The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association's (MITA) bid advertisement website meets the state's requirements. Michigan-based H2bid is a specialty website for water and wastewater utility bid announcements. There is no charge to publish bids on H2bid, however, there is a charge to the potential bidder to view the bid advertisement.

NEW!! The Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (MITN) also provides a statewide website for bid advertisements that meets the state's requirements.

Other state wide options include Dodge Reports, the Reed Bulletin and the Construction Association of Michigan's Construction Project News bid sites. In addition to these sites, applicants are encouraged to publish bid advertisements in local sources (including newspapers) to ensure that local contractors and potential subcontractors are aware of opportunities to compete for CWSRF/DWSRF work. Remember, a 30-day bid advertisement is required prior to bid opening.