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Policies and Procedures

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Policies and Procedures

Listed below are the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Department, Division, and Office policies and procedures.

If a policy or procedure is not listed below, please send an email to

Name Division Policy Number
Mechanisms for Limiting the Applicability of Michigan's Renewable Operating Permit Program AQD AQD-004
Procedure for Determining Emission Units AQD AQD-006
Procedure for Implementation of the Renewable Operating Permit Program Application Shield AQD AQD-007
Procedures for Handling of Confidential Materials and Freedom of Information Requests for Confidential Materials AQD AQD-010
Stationary Source Determinations AQD AQD-011
Air Emissions Reporting Process Requirements AQD AQD-013
Use of Visible Emissions Limits Less than 20% Opacity in Permit to Install AQD AQD-014
Procedure for Processing Permit to Install Applications Subject to Federal Clean Air Act Section 112(g) AQD AQD-015
Averaging Times and Compliance Testing AQD AQD-018
Issue Resolution Process for Permit to Install Applications AQD AQD-019
Application of Rule 901(b) in the Permit to Install Review Process AQD AQD-021
Dispersion Modeling Guidance for Federally Regulated Pollutants AQD AQD-022
Replacement of Engines, Compressors, or Turbines as Part of a Normal Maintenance Program at Landfill Gas-To-Energy Facilities AQD AQD-023
Renewable Operating Permit Manual AQD AQD-024
Permit Exemption for Changes in a Process or Process Equipment that are not a Meaningful Change or Meaningful Increase in Toxic Air Contaminants AQD AQD-025
Asbestos NESHAP Program Standard Operating Procedures AQD AQD-026
Air Quality Division Incident Management Policy AQD AQD-027
Establishing Emission Limits in Accordance with Rule 225 AQD AQD-029
Waivers Affecting Fee Assessment; Closures Affecting Fee Applicability AQD AQD-035
Disclosure of Public Records: Responding to Freedom of Information Act Requests DEPT 01-006
Supplemental Environmental Projects for Penalty Mitigation DEPT 04-002
Work Location and Work Schedule DEPT 07-014
Policy on Public Involvement in Department Programs and Activities DEPT 09-007
Política sobre la Participación Pública en las Decisiones del Departamento DEPT 09-007
سیاسة المشاركة العامة في قرارات القسم DEPT 09-007
Evaluating Mercury in Groundwater Plumes Relative to the Groundwater/Surface Water Interface (GSI) Pursuant to Part 201 DEPT 09-014
No discriminación en los Programas del EGLE DEPT 09-024
Nondiscrimination in Programs Receiving Federal Assistance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency DEPT 09-024
عدم التمییز في برامج البیئة والبحیرات العظیمة والطاقة DEPT 09-024
Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments DEPT 09-031
Grant Contract Administration - Acceptable Rates for Volunteer Time DEPT 10-001
Grant Award Process DEPT 10-004
Guidelines for Issuing Boil Water Advisories to Address Potential Microbial Contamination of Community Water Supplies DWEHD DWEHD-399-022
Criteria for Approval of Water Well Equipment DWEHD DWMAD-368-001
Approved Methods to Winterize Distribution Piping DWEHD DWMAD-399-030
Supervision of Well Drilling Activities DWEHD ODWMA-368-007
Tents in Campgrounds DWEHD ODWMA-368-125-001
Structures on Licensed Campsites DWEHD ODWMA-368-125-002
Drawdown Seals in Water Wells DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-002
Water Supply System Upgrading DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-003
Large Diameter Auger-Bored Water Wells DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-004
Hydraulic Fracturing of Water Wells DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-005
Separation of Private Water Wells from Biosolids Land Application DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-009
Minimum Program Requirements for Private and Type III Water Supply Program DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-010
Minimum Isolation Distances - Private and Public DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-011
Water Well Completion using Angle Drilling DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-013
Grouting of Telescoped Permanent Casing DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-014
Freeze-proof Yard Hydrants DWEHD ODWMA-368-127-015
Administrative Fines for Monitoring and Reporting Violations in Community and Noncommunity Water Supplies DWEHD ODWMA-399-001
Permit Requirements for Water Main Construction DWEHD ODWMA-399-002
Aquifer Test Requirements for Public Water Supply Wells DWEHD ODWMA-399-003
Determination of Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water DWEHD ODWMA-399-008
Administrative Fines - Violation of State Drinking Water Standards - Community Water Supply DWEHD ODWMA-399-012
Classification of Public Water Supplies DWEHD DWEHD-399-013
New Systems Capacity Assessment For Nontransient Noncommunity Public Water Systems DWEHD ODWMA-399-014
Response Procedures for Volatile and Synthetic Organic Chemical Contamination DWEHD ODWMA-399-015
Grouting of Community Water Supply Wells DWEHD ODWMA-399-016
Required Operations Oversight DWEHD ODWMA-399-017
Turbidity Requirements and Compliance Determination DWEHD ODWMA-399-018
Arsenic Treatment Systems and Compliance with the MCL DWEHD ODWMA-399-020
Disposal of Backwash Water from Arsenic Removal DWEHD ODWMA-399-023
New Systems Capacity Assessment For Community Public Water Systems DWEHD ODWMA-399-025
Lead and Copper Rule Implementation DWEHD ODWMA-399-027
Secondary Treatment Requirements DWEHD DWEHD-399-031
Release From Escrow Requirement for Privately Owned Community Water Supply DWEHD ODWMA-399-042
Satellite Accumulation Areas MMD OWMRP-111-02
Closed Containers MMD OWMRP-111-22
Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan Implementation and Reporting Obligations MMD OWMRP-111-22
Best Management Practices at Active Shooting Ranges MMD OWMRP-111-23
Off-Site Corrective Action Procedures During and After Fire and/or Explosion Incidents at Hazardous Waste Management Facilities Licensed under Part 111 of the NREPA MMD OWMRP-111-25
Remediation Advisory Team (RAT) MMD OWMRP-111/115-15
Laboratory Reporting Limits for Environmental Detection Monitoring Programs MMD OWMRP-111/115-8
Responding to Illegal Disposal of Hazardous Waste and Liquid Industrial Waste in Solid Waste Landfills MMD OWMRP-111/115/121-21
Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators Waste Collected by Local Authority Household Waste MMD OWMRP-111/121-2
Application Fees and Extensions of Part 115 Permit/License Deadlines MMD OWMRP-115-1
Sanitary Landfill Alternate Daily Cover Approval Requirements and Procedures MMD OWMRP-115-10
Laboratory Reporting Limits for use with Part 115, Solid Waste Management MMD OWMRP-115-14
Definitions of "Landfill Unit," "Existing Unit," "Pre-existing," and "New Unit" MMD OWMRP-115-17
Construction Permit Modifications and Changes MMD OWMRP-115-18
Specifications and Testing Criteria for Geomembranes MMD OWMRP-115-19
Advisory Analysis MMD OWMRP-115-2
Waste Pile Closure MMD OWMRP-115-20
Processing of Part 115 Operating License Amendment Requests MMD OWMRP-115-22
Salvaging and Disposal of Mobile Homes MMD OWMRP-115-23
Solidification of Liquid Industrial Waste Policy and Procedure MMD OWMRP-115-24
Lagoon Closure MMD OWMRP-115-25
Natural Soil Barrier Certification Documentation MMD OWMRP-115-26
Enforcement of Prohibited Waste Restrictions MMD OWMRP-115-27
Format for Solid Waste Disposal Facility Monitoring Submittals MMD OWMRP-115-29
Yard Clippings Management Variances MMD OWMRP-115-32
Permitting of Transfer Stations MMD OWMRP-115-4
Processing of Solid Waste Op Licenses, Construction Permit Aps and Certifications MMD OWMRP-115-7
Procedure for Consistency Determinations MMD OWMRP-115-8
Part 115 Enforcement Procedures MMD OWMRP-115-9
Consolidated Manifest Management Procedures MMD OWMRP-121-3
Dental Amalgam Waste Removal Systems MMD OWMRP-138-01
Scrap Tire Storage Area Calculation and Collection Site Bonding MMD OWMRP-169-01
Enforcement Against Disposal of Tires at a Noncompliant Collection Site MMD OWMRP-169-02
Use of Yard Clippings Compost as Landfill Cover MMD OWMRP-General-13
Revision 1 Fast Track Enforcement for Violations of Part 115 MMD Op Memo 115-21
Analysis of Metals from Groundwater Monitoring Wells MMD RMD-115-13
Corrective Action Financial Assurance for Type II and III Landfills MMD RMD-115-28
Termination of Groundwater Purge Systems MMD WMRPD-111/115-20
Peer Review Procedure RRD RRD-15
Technical Assistance and Program Support Teams Procedure RRD RRD-16
Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Site Classification System RRD RRD-21
Part 213 Final Assessment Report and Closure Report Processing and Audit Procedure RRD RRD-26
Response Activity or Corrective Action Addressing Venting Groundwater Review and Authorization Procedure RRD RRD-37
Review of Response Activity or Corrective Action Within a Wellhead Protection Area Relying on Land or Resource Use Restrictions Procedure RRD RRD-38
Volatilization To Indoor Air Pathway and Compliance with Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration RRD RRD-40
Guidance for Delisting Michigan's Great Lakes Areas of Concern WRD OGL-AOC-001
Invasive Species Decontamination for Field Operations in Michigan WRD QOL-2-2014
Evaluation of Feasible and Prudent Alternatives Under Part 303, Wetlands Protection, of the NREPA WRD WRD-003
Calculation of Level Currently Achievable for Mercury in Proposed NPDES Permits WRD WRD-004
Fringe Benefits Rates on Pass Through Grants WRD WRD-005
Part 353 Activities Not Constituting a Use WRD WRD-008
Part 41 - Sewerage Systems Permit Approval WRD WRD-010
Winter Construction Storm Water Inspection Policy Under Michigan's Permit-by-Rule WRD WRD-017
Part 323 - Determination of Readily Moveable Structure WRD WRD-019
Minor Correction of a Recorded Conservation Easement WRD WRD-022
Parts 301 and 303 - Water Withdrawals WRD WRD-023
Part 323 - Field Review of HREA Permit Applications WRD WRD-024
Part 325 - Great Lakes Dredging for Beach Nourishment or Backfill of Shore Protection WRD WRD-025
Part 303 - Modification of Conservation Easements WRD WRD-026
Grant Administration - Allowable Mileage Rate for Grants WRD WRD-028
Part 41 - Construction of Low Pressure Sewer Within 50 Feet of Private Wells WRD WRD-030
Part 31 - Compensating Cut for Fill in Floodplains WRD WRD-031
Part 31 - Authority on the Great Lakes Connecting Channels WRD WRD-032
Part 31 - Fences in Floodplains WRD WRD-033
Part 31 - After-the-Fact Permit Fees for Floodplain Projects WRD WRD-034
Part 31 - Part 5 Rules for Railcars and Trucks WRD WRD-035
Part 31 - Part 5 Rules for Oil WRD WRD-036
Part 31 - Part 5 Rules for Reporting Spills Involving Installations of Oil-Containing Electrical Equipment WRD WRD-037
Part 31 - Part 5 Rules for Battery Sulfuric Acid WRD WRD-038
Part 88 - Watershed Management Plan Review and Approval WRD WRD-042
Placement of Dredged Material on Great Lakes Bottomlands WRD WRD-045
Sediment Testing for Dredging Projects WRD WRD-048
Index Flow (50 Percent Exceedance Flow) Determination WRD WRD-049
Applicability of Public Water Supply Designated Use WRD WRD-053
Part 353 - Review of Cantilevered Portions of Buildings WRD WRD-FOS-013
Antidegradation/Antibacksliding WRD WRD-PS-001
Procedure for Aquatic Vegetation Surveys WRD WRD-PS-006
Part 323 - Determining Recession Rates of Great Lakes Shorelines WRD WRD-SWAS-028

EGLE Rescinded Policies & Procedures

EGLE rescinds policies and procedures that become obsolete or the subject matter is addressed in a new policy and procedure. To request a rescinded policy and procedure send an email to