The West Nile Virus Working Group

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Welcome to Michigan's WNV Website!

The West Nile Virus Working Group unites experts from the Michigan Departments of Community Health, Agriculture & Rural Development, Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, the US Department of Agriculture and Michigan State University.  These agencies will again be conducting surveillance for this disease in Michigan.

In 2003, the state agencies developed this dedicated website for WNV in Michigan. In 2004, the website expanded to become the Emerging Diseases website which includes information on other emerging diseases of interest such as Bovine TB, Lyme disease, Rabies, Foodborne Illnesses, and Chronic Wasting Disease. It continues to provide comprehensive information about all aspects of WNV that will be useful for professionals as well as citizens. In addition to providing information, the website provides a form for collecting data on sick and dead birds and other wildlife.

The data that is collected will be vital to our bird surveillance efforts. The Michigan Department of Community Health will continue to offer our toll-free hotline at 1-888-757-5717 where citizens can call to get recorded, up-to-date information about WNV in Michigan.