Report Unusual Bat Behavior and Deaths

You can help by reporting large numbers of bats dead, dying or exhibiting unusual behavior.

Please use the Sick or dead report form if you observe bats displaying any of the following:

  • flying during the daytime or during winter
  • difficulty flying
  • large numbers (6 or more) of dying or dead bats, especially at the opening of a cave or mine
  • hibernating bats with white fungus on the face or wings observed during winter (fungus on the body of bats has not been observed at any other time of year, although wing scarring from the fungus may be visible year-round)

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to help dying bats. While there is no connection between white-nose syndrome and rabies, bats can carry rabies, which can be fatal. It is important to not touch bats with bare hands and keep children, pets and livestock away from bats. If you wish to dispose of dead bats, they can be picked up with a shovel or heavy gloves and placed in trash bags for routine garbage disposal.