Testimonials from RETAP Assessed Facilities

"RETAP is the kind of program our small and medium sized manufacturers need. With the RETAP program, Michigan manufacturers have a valuable pool of experienced people to help with complex pollution prevention and energy issues."
Andy Such, Director of Environmental and Regulatory Policy
Michigan Manufacturers Association

"The RETAP program and the assessments that they provide are a quality and professional service that greatly enhance a companies ability to better manage waste, energy and valuable resources. RETAP's services are essential to small companies who otherwise can not afford to have this type of professional evaluation completed at their facility or operation. The recommendations that RETAP provide will ultimately afford the client significant savings while reducing their environmental footprint and impact. I highly recommend the services that RETAP provides."
Patrick S Zombo, Waste Management and Waste Minimization Program Manager
Consumers Energy

"The RETAP team is armed with the proper knowledge to minimize the analysis process…Schedules are flexible, results are clear and easy to implement, and the team is easy to work with. As electricity is bar far our largest utility expense, the team was able to find several good cost reduction ideas with which we worked to save money. I would recommend a RETAP team evaluate any company looking to save time, money, and frustration in all aspects of their operations."
Steve Beurkens, Sales Manager
H&L Advantage, Grandville, MI

"My company had the pleasure of working with RETAP a few years ago with great success…I would recommend their assistance to anyone who would like some ideas on energy conservation and pollution prevention. Sometimes it helps to get "more eyes' to see what you might be missing. Their expertise was very helpful."
Debra Sopczynski, Human Resources Manager
Trelleborg Automotive Americas, Sandusky, MI

"I just wanted to send a letter thanking RETAP for all the help they provided us in reducing cost…This service should be a must for all Michigan companies."
Marl Larsen, Manufacturing Operations Manager
Viking Corporation, Hasting, MI

"I am writing to thank RETAP for the outstanding study that was conducted at our campus located in Holly Michigan. The expertise of the team members who conducted this study was outstanding. The report that RETAP provided was very comprehensive and useful to us as we develop strategies to reduce energy usage."
Ben Y. Robinson, President
Rose Hill Center, Holly, MI

"The audit provided by the RETAP engineers pointed out opportunities for cost savings and other improvements to our business operations…These have been realized dollar savings in addition to helping us to be good corporate citizens concerned with the environment."
Roger Osiecki, Quality Systems Manager / Safety & Environmental Administrator
Century Extrusion, Traverse City, MI

"RETAP is a valuable resource for any firm in Michigan desiring to become a better corporate citizen and lead the way to a cleaner more efficient environment. Thank you for your help."
Doug Bushard, President
Aldinger, Inc., Lansing, MI

"Thank you for visiting our facility and helping us become more effective in our efforts to conserve and reuse where possible. We would encourage other businesses to take advantage of the RETAP program."
Michael DeBruyn, Vice President
Great Lakes Stainless, Inc., Traverse City, MI

"Our greatest direct result was in energy consumption and efficiency. Simple actions to protect the environment for future generations were discussed. A couple of these ideas we have implemented or expanded upon…I continue to review the RETAP report on a periodic basis and implement those initiatives which fit into our short and long term plans. This is a program which I highly recommend."
David W. Pope, Chairman and Past President
Powers Clothing, Inc., Jonesville, MI

"We invited a RETAP assessment team to review our facility. The engineers quickly impressed us with their professionalism and knowledge.  They identified several thoughtful recommendations, including estimated costs and savings and a definitive payback period for each suggestion…Once the assessment was complete, a RETAP engineer worked with us to follow up on the implementation of some of the recommendations."
Jessie Richmond
Quality & Environment Systems Brose North America, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI

"RETAP engineers conducted a thorough audit of our facility and identified 13 areas of opportunity to reduce pollution, waste and energy usage. Of those recommendations, we were able to successfully implement over half. As a result, our waste production was dramatically reduced and our energy efficiency related to interior lighting was significantly improved. Our payback period on the project was approximately 15 months. I highly recommend utilizing the services of RETAP. We continue to benefit from their recommendations every day."
Thomas E. Campbell, President & Publisher
The Argus-Press Company, Owosso, MI

"I am appreciative of the existence of the RETAP. Specific suggestions were offered by the engineers for our laundry operations setting in motion new alternatives that have since helped streamline our energy/water consumption."
Jeralyn Moran, Manager
All Washed Up Coin Laundry, Lansing, MI

"It was suggested that I use RETAP as a source of support to look into our processes and come up with some quick and easy suggestions to help us reduce costs, improve efficiency and support the environment. A team of RETAP engineers visited ISRINGHAUSEN and shortly thereafter supplied a comprehensive report on some short and long term ideas.  Most of these have been implemented…The team was professional, knowledgeable and it was painless for our company to implement. The ideas and thoughts of the team have helped with our cost reduction program."
Peter van Niekerk, Technical Manager
ISRINGHAUSEN, Inc., Galesburg, MI

"Because of the [RETAP] visit we made several changes within our factory, all to our benefit. They had many suggestions to improve our efficiency that would also save us money. We made many of the changes that were suggested…We carried many of the suggestions into our other buildings. I was very happy that I decided to take the time and talk with these gentlemen. They have a lot of experience and knowledge that was very helpful."
William J. Beuerle, President
Capitol Bedding, Lansing, MI

"Last spring and throughout the summer my team had the opportunity to work with the Retired Engineer Technical Assistance Program (RETAP). The [RETAP engineer] was a pleasure to work with and his common sense approach to problem solving has been welcome in our district. The [RETAP engineer] worked closely with my team of school personnel and I am pleased to report we have implemented most of the lighting recommendations and will soon begin on heating and air controls. The [RETAP engineer] helped us to recognize that energy culture within our organization is just as important as the implementation of new and more efficient technology. We are a better school district because of the partnership with RETAP."
Kevin Schooley, Superintendent
Watervliet Public Schools, Watervliet, MI

"A RETAP team visited our seven facilities in Ann Arbor approximately one year ago…The result of the visit was a detailed report, tailored to each business, enumerating many, many energy saving suggestions…We have implemented about one-third of the RETAP recommendations and have plans to implement most of the remaining items. Our energy usage at most businesses dropped from 10 - 20% over the course of last year."
Jean Henry, Special Agent for Sustainability Initiatives
Zingerman's Community of Businesses, Ann Arbor, MI

"I would like to thank our RETAP engineer for the outstanding results he achieved on his pollution prevention project at the 110th Airlift Wing…[His] experience, industry savvy, and hard work, resulted in the delivered of exactly what was requested; a prioritized list of de-icing options for our new aircraft, in terms of mission needs, long term, least- cost-of- ownership, and potential for de-icing fluid recycling. [The RETAP engineer's] detailed analysis of potential options resulted in the justification for and successful funding of $80K worth of new pollution prevention equipment by the Air National Guard."
James R. Shay, Lt. Col, MI ANG
Michigan Air National Guard, Battle Creek, MI

"After a RETAP site evaluation at our Benton Harbor facility, several of the group's recommendations were put in place. These included establishment of an environmental affairs team, tracking and monitoring of utility and waste disposal costs, establishing recycling programs, and replacement of harsh, naphtha-based cleaners with aqueous based cleaners. We really got rolling in the right direction after the site evaluation and follow-up from RETAP. It was then that pursuit of environmental gold for business operations - ISO 14001 certification - suddenly seemed to make sense."
Jim Chevrette, EH&S Officer
Siemens Metallurgical Services, Benton Harbor, MI

"On behalf of the City of Muskegon I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts in preparing the energy efficiency assessment at the Muskegon Water Filtration Plant. The document is an outstanding resource which we will use to increase our energy efficiencies in the years to come. Our goal as a municipality is to spend our limited dollars wisely and the suggestions in the report will help us reduce our energy expenses and operate the facility in the most cost effective manner possible."
Kevin Herbert, Plant Supervisor
Muskegon Water Filtration Plant, Muskegon, MI

"I want to extend my thanks to RETAP for the pollution prevention, waste reduction, and energy conservation audit your organization performed…We have acted on many of your recommendations, realizing significant savings while improving efficiencies brewery-wide…I highly recommend your program as a great resource for any commercial facility and all production sites."
Evan Meffert, Projects Coordinator
Bell's Brewery, Inc., Galesburg, MI

"The comprehensive report included dozens of simple and low cost recommendations to help us conserve energy and reduce costs…I am happy to report that, after one year, we have implemented nearly all of the recommendations. The resulting operational savings have been tremendous for our facility. For example, by expanding our participation in local recycling programs, we have reduced our solid waste disposal costs by 60%. Similar savings have been realized in the areas of lighting and general power consumption by configuring our equipment with automatic shutdown features."
Rick Lamb, Plant Manager
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., Owosso, MI

"RETAP opened our eyes to significant opportunities leading to over 430,000 pounds in reduced waste disposal per year and $82,000 in annual savings."
Todd Hoogewind, Plant Manager
Jackson Products, Inc., Belmont, MI

"We believe the recommendations can provide us with valuable opportunities for pollution prevention and energy conservation in Kensington Metropark…Further, we believe that the report provides us with a model for similar P2 and energy conservation strategies at other Metroparks."
James Bresciami, Director
Huron-Clinton County Metropolitan Authority, Brighton, MI

"RETAP provided suggestions and recommendations for improvement at no cost to Brighton NC Corporation…Through their report we began to follow their recommendations…savings are only estimates…Lighting $18,500 annually, Heating $20,000 annually…Putting teams of retired engineers together to evaluate private facilities with no risk of penalties for non conformance to their findings is a great idea…We need these types of programs to help save our resources."
Tom Clausnitzer, Facility Maintenance Manager
Brighton NC Corp., Brighton, MI

"The [RETAP] assessment was painless, but very thorough. The report we received was clear, concise and descriptive of what was needed to reduce our energy costs. The added advantage of having the estimates of savings was very helpful in selling the ideas to upper management… Overall this was a very rewarding experience and I would highly recommend the RETAP team to other companies."
John Metts, Human Resources
Dowding Industries, Inc., Eaton Rapids, MI

"We have saved an estimated 20 percent in our gas usage (10,350 ccf) and estimated 30 percent (238,200 kWh) in our electrical usage over the past year…The RETAP assessment has assisted Kent Design to really think outside of the normal day-to-day operational expenses and has been a valuable tool in reviewing our operation."
Terasa Hoffman, Plant Manager
Kent Design, Grand Rapids, MI

"RETAP was the visine in my eyes, helping me to see clearly that simple changes can provide great cost savings by reducing energy costs, and helping the environment through recycling of waste. Cost savings are not only achieved by improving productivity and all money saved helps the bottom end. A special thanks to RETAP for helping me see clearer and save our company money."
Tom TePastte, Maintenance Supervisor
SUSPA, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Woodard-CM was quite pleased with the RETAP assessment, stating "Any business interested in reducing their costs should contact RETAP."
Reed Stauffer, Director of Engineering
Woodard -CM, Owosso, MI

"The pollution prevention, waste reduction and energy efficiency assessment that was performed has been extremely helpful...This program [RETAP] provides a valuable service for companies like ours in Michigan."
Brenda Madden, Safety Coordinator
Materials Processing, Inc., Riverview, MI

"RETAP is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone interested in reducing waste, improving our environment and saving money."
Mike Benedict, Co-President
2/90 Sign Systems, Grand Rapids, MI

"Congratulations on having an important and useful program that helps local government to conserve energy, protect the environment and reduce waste."
Howard Penrod, Chief Operating Office
Monroe County Road Commission, Monroe, MI

"The pollution prevention, waste reduction and energy conservation assessment performed for Chateau Chantal was truly a needed and appreciated undertaking. The information gleaned from the results have saved Chateau Chantal in the form of lower energy use and less waste. It has also enabled us to further our cause to become a more efficient and environmentally friendly business."
Terry VanKleek, Owner
Chateau Chantal, Traverse City, MI

"Yours is by far a most excellent example of how a state program can keep businesses viable in this global economy."
Tom Dupont, Plant Manager
Tesa Tape, Inc., Sparta, MI

"The RETAP team that toured our facility, was very knowledgeable and helpful in pinpointing the root causes and suggested simple remedies to further IMT's goal towards 'zero' landfill."
Ted Stojak, Plant Engineering Manager
Integrated Metal Technology, Inc., Spring Lake, MI

"The RETAP team was very professional, genuinely interested in helping us, and provide a valuable resource to the industrial community. I am in support of this program and would recommend it to others."
Dave Mathieu, Director of Manufacturing
L. E. Jones Company, Menominee, MI

"We found the 27 suggestions a great start on saving money and improving efficiency."
Thomas L. Green, Purchasing Project Supervisor
North Star Steel Company, Monroe, MI

"Through your efforts, we were able to reduce energy use and waste with minimal effort and expense on our part."
James E. Grimes, President
Apollo Plating, Inc., Roseville, MI

"With the assistance of the RETAP Assessment Team, we are now able to reduce our waste, improve our employees' health and safety, improve our community air environment, and reduce some of our operating costs. I would strongly recommend that many other companies should take advantage of this service."
Dennis W. Stickney, Plant Chemist
Internal Grinding/Honing Abrasives Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

“RETAP ideas were combined with ideas and suggestions from a trade organization initiative, and Model has saved tens of thousands of dollars per year.”
Jon Subar, President
Model Coverall Services, Grand Rapids, MI 

“We expected that our annual savings on the items implemented would save $6,000. Our ultimate savings exceeded $10,000 on one RETAP recommendation and $2,000 per month on others… We highly recommend the RETAP program to any company.”
JP Brooks, Manager
Accu-Shape Die Cutting Inc., Flint, MI

“The RETAP was the springboard we needed to look at alternative/more efficient ways of doing things… there is no doubt that we have saved many thousands of dollars with ideas put into service.”
Mark Olson, EHS Manager
Continental Structural Plastics, Troy, MI

“We have implemented many of the recommendations from your assessment. Furthermore, the property management team has embraced the Waste Reduction/Energy Conservation report and is making improvements not only in our suite but throughout all of the buildings in the complex.”
Ann McKenna, Office Manager
Carlson Marketing, Troy, MI

“I recommend your group to an organization such as ours with a complex set of building uses and requirements. It has helped me do a better job and think “outside the box.”
Luis Mulford, Building Administrator
Midland County Council on Aging, Midland, MI

“Thank you for your insight on energy conservation and waste reduction. These areas are critical to our long term competitiveness. We appreciate your assistance.”
Patrick Greene, Vice President – Finance
Cascade Die Casting, Grand Rapids, MI

“RoMan is currently implementing ISO 14001 and utilizing lean manufacturing philosophy. Thanks to your program, we’ve been able to continue down the road of being a responsible corporate citizen to the environment.”
Robert Brown, Quality Manager
RoMan Manufacturing, Grand Rapids, MI

“The RETAP team was very professional, knowledgeable, and inspirational. We appreciate the time they invested in helping our organization and I would recommend this service to all businesses.”
Todd R. Kinney, Project Manager
Witco Inc., Avoca

“The RETAP team allowed us to have access to expertise that we don’t have on staff and is cost prohibitive to small companies. The team’s recommendations have been reviewed with almost all of the ideas either implemented or scheduled for implementation as part of our (ISO 14001) annual environmental programs. We anticipate a savings of approximately $200,000 during the first year after our assessment, and many ideas are yet to be implemented.”
David H. Gifford, Continuous Improvement Manager
Gilreath Manufacturing, Inc., Howell, MI