RETAP Annual Achievements

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Agency: Michigan Agency for Energy

Demonstrating the effectiveness of RETAP services is critical to the continued success of the program. 

Measuring program effectiveness is essential to the continual improvement of the pollution prevention technical assistance capabilities RETAP offers to small manufacturers in Michigan.


Quantifying the potential impacts of RETAP recommendations (using sound scientific, engineering and accounting principals) is a primary means for measuring and demonstrating program effectiveness.



In Calendar Year 2015, RETAP completed:  
78 Assessments

Reductions                               Amounts

Electricity Usage:                       28.3 million kWh
Natural Gas Usage:                     1.6 million CCF
Water Usage:                            16.4 million gallons
Waste Disposal:                          3.9 million pounds
Operating Costs:                         5.9 million dollars



In Calendar Year 2014, RETAP completed:  
64 Assessments

Reductions                               Amounts


Electricity Usage:                      16.3 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                    1.5 million CCF

Water Usage:                              9.8 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                        10.1 million pounds

Operating Costs:                         4.2 million dollars



In Calendar Year 2013, RETAP completed 55 assessments:

 46 Pollution Prevention Assessments

9 Energy Conservation Assessments


Reductions                               Amounts


Electricity Usage:                      24.4 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                    1.2 million CCF

Water Usage:                            14.8 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                          3.6 million pounds

Operating Costs:                         3.9 million dollars



In Calendar Year 2012, RETAP completed 89 assessments:

 53 Pollution Prevention Assessments

36 Energy Conservation Assessments


Reductions                               Amounts


Electricity Usage:                      23.7 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                    0.9 million CCF

Water Usage:                            17.8 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                          5.1 million pounds

Operating Costs:                         4.4 million dollars





In Calendar Year 2011, RETAP completed 89 assessments: 

22 Pollution Prevention Assessments

67 Energy Conservation Assessments


Reductions                            Amounts


Electricity Usage:                    19.7 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                  1.3 million CCF

Water Usage:                          34.8 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                        2.5 million pounds

Operating Costs:                       4.1 million dollars


In Calendar Year 2010, RETAP completed: 
134 Energy Assessments

Reductions                            Amounts


Electricity Usage:                    21.2 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                  1.0 million CCF

Operating Costs:                       3.2 million dollars



In Calendar Year 2009, RETAP completed: 

81 Pollution Prevention Assessments


Reductions                            Amounts


Electricity Usage:                    19.8 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                  1.0 million CCF

Water Usage:                          21.6 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                        2.9 million pounds

Operating Costs:                       3.9 million dollars



In Calendar Year 2008, RETAP completed: 

129 Pollution Prevention Assessments

Reductions                            Amounts


Electricity Usage:                    31.6 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                  1.1 million CCF

Water Usage:                          93.0 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                      18.4 million pounds

Operating Costs:                       5.8 million dollars


In Calendar Year 2007, RETAP completed: 
108 Pollution Prevention Assessments

Reductions                            Amounts


Electricity Usage:                    40.0 million kWh

Natural Gas Usage:                  0.7 million CCF

Water Usage:                          50.2 million gallons

Waste Disposal:                      28.7 million pounds

Operating Costs:                       5.6 million dollars