Michigan Energy Office Funding Opportunities

The Michigan Energy Office (MEO) provides incentives in the form of sponsorships, rebates, grants and loans for energy related projects.  Eligible applicants range from communities, K-12 public schools, manufacturing, agriculture and rural business sectors, and other public entities depending on the program.

Activities for these programs may include, but are not limited to, benchmarking, Energy Star certification of public facilities, training, sponsorships, guidance documents, and energy project implementation. These activities encourage cost effective energy upgrades that reduce operating costs for building owners, support community development and local job creation, and free up capital for long-term reinvestment in communities and businesses. 


  • Event Sponsorship Assistance

    The Michigan Energy Office is offering financial assistance for workshops, conferences, or other events that increase awareness of energy waste reduction (EWR) and/or renewable energy (RE) technologies, applications, opportunities, and best practices in Michigan.


  • Energy Star Certification for Public Educational Facilities

    Energy Star Certification Rebates will assist eligible public education facilities that are benchmarked in Energy Star Portfolio Manager to become certified.

  • Community Energy Management Rebates - LAUNCHES SOON

    Community Energy Management (CEM) services provide rebates to eligible municipalities and K-12 public schools in low income communities to accelerate the transition to, and the use of, energy waste reduction (EWR) and renewable energy (RE). Projects must benefit public sectors through EWR and RE, as well as through the implementation.

  • Small Manufacturers Energy Waste Reduction Incentive Pilot - LAUNCHES SOON

    Matching funds will be targeted to small manufacturers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula who have 50 or fewer full time equivalent employees to partially cover energy waste reduction (EWR) activities and projects.  Incentives range from $500 to $10,000 per applicant.  Proposed activities must achieve onsite EWR, provide a minimum 1:1 match, and involve less than $5,000 in equipment costs.  LED projects, renewable energy projects, fuel switching projects, and projects not in Michigan are ineligible.


  • Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants Program

    The Michigan Energy Office (MEO) is offering a technical assistance grant to work with wastewater and water facilities to optimize pumps, motors, blowers, process controllers, flow monitors, etc. using material developed through U.S. DOE’s wastewater and water infrastructure accelerator program. The MEO hopes to share resources and lessons learned from DOE’s wastewater and water infrastructure accelerator program.

  • Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle Ready Communities Program - LAUNCHES SOON

    The Michigan Energy Office will partner with an organization to develop and provide tools, resources, and education opportunities to empower Michigan communities to plan and support electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen vehicles within their communities.

  • Michigan Match Assistance Pilot Program (MMAPP)

    The Michigan Match Assistance Pilot Program provides cost share support to eligible Michigan businesses that were awarded a federal clean energy technology development grant.  Approximately $100,000 in cost share support will be available each year.  Individual awards cannot exceed $25,000 annually, and MEO’s commitment cannot exceed three years.  The MEO requires a minimum 400 percent (4:1) match of the total requested cost share support, which may be in-kind.


  • State Energy Program Planning Request-for-Information

    The Michigan Energy Office continually seeks comment on potential programs for the upcoming year to promote innovative energy waste reduction (EWR) and renewable energy (RE) technologies. These programs may include:

    • Energy policy coordination and advocacy.
    • Advocacy for integrating EWR and RE into local government planning.
    • Incentives, education, and outreach for areas such as buildings, communities, industry, transportation, and education.


  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Loans for Michigan Businesses

    The Michigan Energy Office is offering small businesses in Michigan loans for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy (RE) project implementation. This effort is directed at businesses that are seeking to upgrade and/or install clean energy technologies. Loans totaling $1.5 million are available. Loan requests should be between $50,000-$350,000, and limited to supplies, materials and equipment costs only. (Click for details)