Upper Peninsula Energy Waste Reduction Plan - Facilitation


The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) through the Michigan Energy Office (MEO) is offering a grant to facilitate a series of meetings on a common Energy Waste Reduction Plan for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  The participants will include the Michigan Agency for Energy, Michigan Public Service Commission, the Upper Peninsula Energy Collaborative, the Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress, and a select group of interested parties to seek input on a common Energy Waste Reduction Plan for the Upper Peninsula.  Energy waste reduction (EWR), as defined in Public Act 342 of 2016, includes energy efficiency, load management, and energy conservation.  Proposed projects should not be duplicative of past or current EWR efforts.


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Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be a local government/organization representing multiple local governmental entities OR a 501(c)(3)/small business (<500 employees) organization with demonstrated experience partnering with local governments on energy issues.
  • All applicants must:
    • Demonstrate longstanding relationships with local units of government and energy collaborative(s).
    • Provide signed letters of support from:
      • All Upper Peninsula County Commissioners or representing body,
      • Representatives of Michigan Electric Cooperative Association, Michigan Electric and Gas Association and Michigan Municipal Electric Association, and
      • Any participating partners.
    • Applicant must provide a:
      • Facilitation process,
      • List of personnel working on the proposed project in the budget with any associated match and grant funds.
  • Project proposals will facilitate discussions of a common EWR Plan for the Upper Peninsula.  Project proposals must include a:
    • Plan to engage Upper Peninsula energy providers, the Upper Peninsula County Commissioners, local governments, and other applicable parties for input on a common EWR Plan for the Upper Peninsula, using a proposed EWR plan developed by an independent third party as the starting point.
    • Facilitation process to reach consensus on an EWR Plan for the Upper Peninsula that:
      • Identifies actionable and reasonable  opportunities and
      • Details an implementation plan.
    • Final report detailing the:
      • Common EWR Plan for the Upper Peninsula,
      • Facilitation process used to arrive at common EWR Plan,
      • Lessons learned, and
      • Summary/flowchart of the actual and recommended process to develop a common EWR Plan for a region.


Funding Amount

A maximum of $40,000 in funding is available for one (1) project.  All applicants must provide a minimum match equal to 100 percent (100%) of the total grant funds requested, which can be in the form of cash or in-kind goods and services. 


Reporting Obligations

  • Meetings (in-person and/or by phone) with grant manager as needed.
  • Quarterly reports, at a minimum.
  • Any developed facilitation materials, such as presentations, informational flyers, etc.
  • Financial status reports supported by invoices, supporting documentation, and a narrative report (no less than quarterly).
  • Final report on grant outcomes and impact, addressing any potential benefits and cost savings resulting from the project.


Tentative Timeline

RFP Release Date & Posting:    November 29, 2017
Questions Due regarding Posting:   December 8, 2017
Changes to RFP and Responses to Questions: December 11, 2017
Proposal Deadline:    January 2, 2018
Grant Agreement Grantee Signatures:  January 22, 2018
Start Date for Grant: February 1, 2018
End Date for Grant: September 30, 2018


Changes to RFP and Questions

No questions were received regarding the RFP.  Two changes to the RFP posting were made.  First, the initial posting did not link to the full RFP correctly.  This has been corrected.  Second, the RFP title was changed from Upper Peninsula Energy Waste Reduction Strategy to Upper Peninsula Energy Waste Reduction Plan.  All references to project have been changed to reflect this.


All questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to Joy Wang at wangj3@michigan.gov through December 8, 2017 and responses to all questions will be posted by December 11, 2017.