Electric Vehicle Charger Optimization Project RFP

The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE), through the Michigan Energy Office (MEO), is offering a grant to develop a plan for optimized electric vehicle (EV) charger placement along Michigan highways to support bus, freight, and emergency vehicle traffic.  Previous projects have explored the deployment of EV charging infrastructure in Michigan and elsewhere.  However, due to simplifying assumptions and potentially a lack of awareness of activities that may be planned or ongoing, these studies many times do not provide an implementable plan of action.  This project will develop an optimized plan using realistic constraints and assumptions to inform EV charging infrastructure implementation within Michigan.  


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Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be a 501(c)(3) organization, a small business (<500 employees), OR a university research team.
  • All applicants must:
    • Demonstrate expertise with optimization, transportation modeling, economic modeling, and data interpretation,
    • Provide signed letters of support from any participating partners.
      • For each participating partner/organization, provide a:
        • Description of its project responsibilities and contributions in the scope of work, and
        • List of the personnel at the organization working on the proposed project in the budget with any associated match and grant funds.
  • Project proposals must include a:
    • Research plan to optimize placement of EV charging infrastructure along Michigan highways to support bus, truck, and emergency vehicle traffic,
    • Description of proposed optimization, especially:
      • Research methods,
      • Assumptions with sufficient documentation of their reasonableness, and
      • Sensitivity analyses, if any,
    • A tentative description of the data needed to complete the project including the organization’s possession or ability to acquire the necessary data.
    • Timeline for project completion including:
      • Interim report by April 2018 with:
        • Optimized placement of EV charging infrastructure along several Michigan highways system (I-94, I-75, I-96, I-69, U.S. Route 127, and U.S. Route 131).
      • Final report by conclusion of the grant (September 30, 2018) with:
        • Optimized placement of EV charging infrastructure along all Michigan highways
    • Description of economic analysis and methods to assess the following in the interim and final reports:
      • Economic development potential in areas of proposed EV charging stations.
      • Incentives and funding mechanisms to accelerate deployment of the proposed EV charging infrastructure.

Funding Amount

A maximum of $150,000 in funding is available for one (1) project.  All applicants must provide a minimum match equal to 100 percent (100%) of the total requested grant funds, which can be in the form of cash or in-kind goods and services. 


Reporting Obligations

  • Meetings (in-person and/or by phone) with grant manager as needed.
  • Quarterly reports, at a minimum.
  • Any developed materials, such as presentations, reports, etc.
  • Financial status reports supported by invoices, supporting documentation, and a narrative report (quarterly at a minimum).
  • Interim and final report detailing the:
    1. Recommended plan for optimized EV charging infrastructure placement along targeted Michigan highways supporting bus, truck, and emergency vehicle traffic, describing, at a minimum:


ii.Recommended/assumed EV charger(s) for each location,

iii.Methods, results, sensitivity analyses, and discussion of optimization approach.

  1. Recommended incentive(s)/funding mechanism(s) to accelerate deployment of the proposed EV charging infrastructure with associated methodology and results,
  2. Economic development potential in areas of proposed EV charging stations, and
  3. Any other outcomes of the recommended optimization plan, such as market impacts.


Tentative Timeline

RFP Release Date & Posting: December 15, 2017
Questions Due regarding Posting: December 20, 2017
Changes to RFP and Responses to Questions:  December 21, 2017
Proposal Deadline: January 16, 2018
Grant Agreement Grantee Signatures: January 26, 2018
Start Date for Grant: February 5, 2018
End Date for Grant: September 30, 2018


Changes to RFP and Questions

No questions were received regarding the RFP during the question period.  One change to the RFP posting was made on January 2, 2018.  Computers were removed from the disallowed costs list on page ten.  Computers are now an allowed cost, as long as total grant funds expended on each unit is less than $5,000 and a justification of need is provided, as detailed in Section IV-B Item 9 on equipment.

A second change to the RFP posting was made on January 8, 2018.  Due to an oversight, the original deadline was January 15, which is a holiday.  The proposal deadline has been extended to Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  The RFP has been revised to reflect this.


All questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to Joy Wang at wangj3@michigan.gov through December 20, 2017 and responses to all questions will be posted by December 21, 2017.