Michigan Energy Office Reports

  • CHP Roadmap for Michigan PDF icon

    The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Roadmap for Michigan is a collaborative effort among state and regional partners to optimize CHP adoption based on significant stakeholder input. The overall project goal was to create a multifaceted, cohesive, replicable program to develop and deploy consensus based solutions for accelerating CHP deployment in Michigan. The project included the following tasks:

    • Identify and evaluate CHP technologies and applications
    • Use analytical modeling to quantitatively assess the most efficient contributions of CHP in Michigan’s energy portfolio
    • Plan and implement a stakeholder engagement process
    • Map the Michigan specific CHP supply and value chains
    • Provide solutions to barriers and market impediments to CHP adoption in Michigan


    This report shares methods, findings and recommendations to accelerate and optimize CHP deployment and enhance economic growth in Michigan.

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  • Clean Energy Manufacturing Roadmap PDF icon

    The Clean Energy Roadmap is a collaborative effort between Michigan and Northeast Ohio to accelerate the region’s clean energy sector. The overall project goal was to identify and advance energy efficiency building technologies, products, services and clean energy manufacturing in the region and included the following tasks:

    • Develop an inventory of regional energy efficient building technology assets
    • Identify energy-intensive processes in clean energy manufacturing
    • Develop supply and value chain analyses
    • Produce technology roadmaps
    • Host events with clean energy industry partners


    Recommend economic development strategies based on research results This report shares results and recommendations that can be utilized to build the region’s clean energy cluster and accelerate regional economic development.

    Executive Summary
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