7. What policies does Michigan have regarding siting of transmission, and how does that compare to and/or coordinate with policies regarding siting of generation?


Public Acts ("PA") 30 and 295 provide siting guidance for transmission while Public Act 286 lays out the generation siting process. PA 30 of 1995,  is a one year process from filing to Michigan Public Service Commission order; PA 295 of 2008,  is a 180 day process and PA 286 also from 2008, is a  270 day process. Parts of the current siting Acts (PA 30 and PA 295) have worked well.  However, there are opportunities to streamline the transmission siting process and gain efficiencies in time and resources for both the state and the private sector.  ITC has effectively utilized both PA 30 and PA 295 to site needed transmission infrastructure projects. As a transmission-only company, we do not participate in the siting of generation process within the state.

A complete survey of the different state requirements for the siting of transmission is available within the Organization of MISO States document "Survey of Transmission Siting Practice In the Midwest" produced in 2004.

- Kwafo, ITC Holdings Corp

1. Approval of transmission siting is given primarily to the MPSC through 1995 PA 30 and 2008 PA 295. 

2. Under 2008 PA 295, the MPSC is to consider the recommendations of the Wind Energy Resource Zone Board for transmission facilities proposed to facilitate the transmission of Wind Energy within a Wind Energy Resource Zone.

3. There are no comparable Michigan statutes that apply to the siting of generation facilities, although many local municipalities have adopted ordinances that apply to the siting of such facilities. 2008 PA 286 includes a provision for a utility to seek a certificate of necessity from the MPSC in certain cases.

- Joint response from Consumers Energy and MEGA

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Wind Turbines in Lake Michigan will lead to rapid destruction of them by ice(massive increase in weight and related forces) with inability to repair during the winter and storms. Michigan shore should not be a rusty mess as they declare bankruptcy. - Scott, Little Point Sable Association 02/21/2013