Plugging Into Storage - Energy Storage Symposium

Energy Storage Workshop LogoTechnological advancements, public policies, and an evolving energy resource mix have improved the business case for incorporating more energy storage technologies into Michigan’s electrical grid. Experts say the technology can benefit Michiganders in many ways, including reducing peak demand; using lower cost energy when demand is high; avoiding some generation, transmission, or distribution investments; relieving system congestion; supporting voltage; and enhancing system reliability and resilience.

In 2018, in order to understand how energy storage may be of value to consumers, the Michigan House and Senate adopted resolutions calling on the Michigan Agency for Energy to plan a collaborative discussion with stakeholders into the potential for integrating energy storage technologies into the state’s electric market. The Legislature sought to understand how current laws and regulations affect deployment, and identify policy changes, if any, to better prepare for greater adoption of energy storage. 

On March 25, 2019, the Michigan Agency for Energy hosted “Plugging Into Storage,” a day-long symposium featuring experts in energy storage technology and policy. Information from the symposium is posted below: the agenda, speaker biographies, video recordings of sessions, speaker presentations, post-symposium survey results, and the requested Legislative report, which includes recommendations and next steps.

Detailed Symposium Information


Speaker Biographies

Session Information:

Symposium Outcomes

Report to the Legislature

Post Symposium Survey