Michigan to suspend carbon rule activities pending court resolution, website to post latest modeling results when available

February 16, 2016

Contact: Judy Palnau, 517-284-8300
Agency: Michigan Agency for Energy

After legal review of the U.S. Supreme Court carbon rule stay, the state will suspend activities to comply with the rule and its timeline for submissions. The state will wait for resolution of the issue through the courts and then determine how best to proceed.

The state will, however, complete the modeling project currently under way and paid for, as those findings will be helpful for other planning and compliance activities. The Michigan Carbon Rule website will continue, and we will post the modeling results there, when they are available. In addition, the sign-up lists will also remain live so interested individuals can be notified when and if state activity resumes.

As indicated by Governor Snyder’s signing today of the multi-state Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future, we will continue to support the development of an energy policy that it is adaptable, affordable, reliable and protective of the environment.   

In addition, suspending carbon rule activities will have no bearing on the previously announced coal plant retirements, which includes 25 units between 2013 and 2020. Michigan will continue to move forward with Governor Snyder’s priority to protect our environment for the generations to come, by reducing mercury, acid rain, and particulates.

Regardless of the carbon rule outcome, the state must make important decisions regarding our energy future to ensure an improved planning process that is able to manage regulatory uncertainties like we have with the carbon rule stay.

For more information about MAE, please visit www.michigan.gov/energy.