Gov. Snyder wins MEEA award for energy efficiency efforts

Rick Snyder, Governor
Valerie Brader, Executive Director

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LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder will be presented with a Leadership award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance as recognition of his efforts to reduce energy waste in Michigan. Snyder will accept his award Thursday at the 2018 Inspiring Efficiency Awards ceremony during the MEEA’s Midwest Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago.

“We have made energy waste reduction a priority in Michigan and, as a result, saved employers and residents billions of dollars over the past decade,” Snyder said. “Our efforts have worked in Michigan thanks to strong bipartisan support from policymakers and partnerships with business leaders, who help us lead the change toward a brighter energy future.”

Mary Templeton of MichiganSaves, a nonprofit focused on energy improvements, nominated Governor Snyder for the award: Snyder’s focus on energy waste reduction “has catapulted Michigan into the top third of states in the nation when it comes to energy efficiency, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy. … Because of his leadership the state’s energy system is more resilient, less wasteful, and poised for innovation.”

Patti Poppe, president and CEO of CMS Energy and Consumers Energy, said in her letter supporting Snyder’s nomination: “From the Governor’s annual Energy Excellence Awards ceremony where he recognizes top energy waste reduction projects, to the new energy law that encourages pursuit of additional energy waste reduction savings, Governor Snyder truly walks the talk with respect to demonstrating his personal commitment to reducing energy waste in Michigan.”

Among Snyder’s energy-focused achievements since taking office in 2011:

  • Signed comprehensive energy reforms that made energy waste reduction central to Michigan’s energy future.
  • Created the Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards, which recognize homeowners, business owners and innovators who reduce energy waste.
  • Signed multiple pieces of legislation to make it easier for public entities to use performance contracting.
  • Advocated for and signed into law a new low-income energy program that pairs energy education on waste reduction with assistance for vulnerable households.
  • Appointed two Public Service Commissioners who have expertise in financing energy waste reduction programs. 
  • Advocated for energy waste reduction as a central element for Michigan's energy future in two "special messages."
  • Signed legislation which allowed for the creation of municipal lighting authorities, such as the one in Detroit which converted 88,000 streetlights to LEDs.
  • Set a goal of producing 35 percent of Michigan’s energy needs through energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2025.
  • Reduced energy waste and improving energy efficiency in state buildings.

Gov. Snyder’s leadership has put Michigan is on a path to an adaptable, reliable, and affordable energy future that is protective of the environment. 

Two other awards will recognize energy efficiency and education efforts in Michigan.

Louis James, president and CEO of Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics, also won a Leadership award. He has led his company’s effort to promote positive environmental change through managing and implementing energy efficiency programs.

National Energy Foundation’s Michigan office in Milford for its Think! Energy program, which has educated more than 300,000 Michigan students since the program began in 2010. It educates students in grades 4-6 about energy efficiency and encourages them to talk with their families about ways to use less energy at home.

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