• Illustration young kids in science Lab Kids - Kindergarden - 3rd Grades Science is all around us.

    Do you like solving puzzles? Science is about figuring how and why things work.
  • Elementary school kids at science event Atomic Lab Kids - 4th - 8th Grades Do you like helping people? Lab scientists help detect conditions like diabetes by analyzing specimens.

    Laboratory science professionals help physicians with patient treatment by analyzing specimens.
  • School kids Performing Science Experiment Lab Teens - 9th - 12th Grades There are different career levels within the field of laboratory science, some only require an Associate's degree while others may require a Bachelor's degree and beyond
  • Teacher Addressing Science Class Teachers Local school visits provide hands-on science demonstrations to introduce children and young adults to laboratory science.
  • Who We Are:

    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Laboratories (MDHHS) is proud to offer our Explore Lab Science (ELS) Program. The goal of the Explore Lab Science program is to introduce children to lab science. The program has three tiers.

    • Tier 1: K-3rd grade students are introduced to science in general terms.
    • Tier 2: 4th-8th grade students are presented with lab terminology and learn basic experiments.
    • Tier 3: High School students are presented with more complex lab experiments and demonstrations.

    We hope introducing students at an early age to laboratory science will pique their natural curiosity to explore science and see the laboratory field as an option when deciding on a college major or career. School visits can be arranged by contacting Sandy Lenneman at LennemanS1@michigan.gov.

    **NEW, for your science learning and enjoyment the Explore Lab Science Crew have developed videos of our favorite experiments. The experiments are performed using safe and easily found-at-home ingredients. We challenge students to perform the experiment right along with us. Visit the Teachers page for links to the videos along with a short description of each experiment.

    Many thanks to our current 2021 College Interns who have contributed to the ELS website pages and school demonstrations.  They include: Cate Kirkwood, MSU, Elizabeth Dubuque, Taylor Ryle, MSU; Amelia Piteo, MSU; Priya Razdan, MSU; Joseph Onah, MSU.

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