Explore Lab Science Internships

About Our Intern Program

Our interns play an active role in developing material for the program and determining program goals. Interns have developed videos, games, presentations, and other educational material. This is a great experience for our interns because they improve their skills in photo/video editing as well as preparing and delivering presentations. In addition, they gain valuable leadership experience while learning about public health laboratory testing.

Young students analyzing specimen for experiment Students watching cylinder overflow



Why Intern in Our Program?

This internship is unique because we recruit interns from all across the state. We utilize email and online resources to collaborate on projects. Many projects are completed at home; this makes the internship very flexible for the interns and allows the interns to complete their internship while being a full time student at their university.

Develop Leadership Skills
Interns are appointed as team leaders after they complete a full semester in the program if they exhibit leadership skills. The team leaders help the new interns develop educational material and provide initial feedback on projects.

College Credit
Many students also receive college credit for their participation in our program. These arrangements should be made with your college.

Share Your Love of Science!

If you are interested in more information or have questions, please contact Sandy Lenneman, LennemanS1@michigan.gov. To apply, go to www.michigan.gov/statejobs and click on Search MI jobs, once there, search again for "internship", look for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service Laboratory Outreach Intern. Follow the instructions to apply.

Projects Include:

  • Developing educational material for our website
  • Organizing demonstration days at local schools
  • Assisting the lab staff with the development of training videos and promotional material


Science, health and education majors are preferred. Experience working with youth is also preferred.

Thank you!

Many thanks to our past  College Interns who have contributed to Explore Lab Science website pages and school demonstrations. They include: Hannah Hamilton, U of M; Allie Edenstrom, MSU; Kimberly Le, MSU; Shreya Ohri, MSU; Arya Newberry, MSU; Destinee Rytlewski, MSU; Shannon Boucher, CMU; Arya Newberry, MSU; Riann Rohn, MSU; Natalie DeLisle, MSU; Brittney DeSouza, MSU; Brianna Nelson, MSU; Claire Gatesy, Waldon; Kaylee Ruthig, MSU; Alexandra Peterson, MSU; Samantha Randlett, MSU; Jordan Baker, MSU; Spencer Morse, MSU; Brittney DeSouza, MSU; Meredith Herman, MSU; Brianna Nelson, MSU; Claire Gatesy, Waldon; Kaylee Ruthig, MSU; Jason Golec, Oakland; Kasie Sperry, MSU.