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For Educators

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For Educators

Schedule financial empowerment workshops for your students and review the educator-specific resources collected on this page.

Financial Literacy Games

Test your money skills and give your brain a workout with these fun and educational games.

Practical Money Skills

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To do a lot of things we love, we almost always need to use money. Do you know how to earn money? How much money should you save? Discover the answers now! And play some games along the way to test your money smarts.
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MI Student Aid Speaker Requests

Financial Aid 101

In a student-focused financial aid overview where students learn about college options and college financing resources, students will be able to identify the different types of financial aid programs, along with information regarding where to access financial aid. (Suggested for 11th and 12th grade students)

Financial Reality

This workshop provides insight into budgeting, enabling students to get an idea of the financial decisions they’ll be faced with in the real world. Students will be provided with a career, monthly income, expenses, and they are responsible for paying all of their bills. (Suggested for middle school and early high school students)

Financial Reality STEM

Students explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers and educational pathways in a STEM-focused version of Financial Reality. (Suggested for high school students)

Department of Insurance and Financial Services Workshops

Are You Drowning in Debt?

Having trouble paying your bills? Are debt collectors calling you? In this presentation, you will learn the difference between a debt management company and an individual or company that offers credit counseling, understand your rights when dealing with debt collectors, payday loan options and risk, and how to recognize advertisements that pitch the promise of debt relief but actually may be a scam!

Auto Insurance 101

This presentation will cover everything about Michigan’s No-Fault Automobile Insurance. This includes: The No-Fault requirements, mandatory and optional coverages, how rates are developed, how to shop for better rates, and what to do if you are denied automobile insurance.

Auto Insurance: What Teen Drivers Must Know

This presentation, much like the Auto Insurance 101 presentation, will cover everything about Michigan’s No-Fault Automobile Insurance, but geared towards teens. The presenter will discuss the mandatory and optional coverages, premiums, deductibles, discounts, and shopping for that first car!

Challenging Errors in Your Credit Report

This presentation defines the credit report, how information is reported, and your rights as a consumer. You will find out how, when and why you should review your credit report. A step-by-step review of how to dispute errors in your credit report will also be provided.

DIFS Overview and Complaint Process

This presentation provides an explanation of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services and our role as the regulator of the insurance and financial industry in Michigan. The presenter will discuss how DIFS advocates, educates, and protects the consumer by presenting on our services and the complaint process.

Health Insurance 101

This presentation details a Michigan citizen’s health insurance options, how to shop for coverage, and what must be covered in a policy.

Homeowners Insurance

This presentation will cover everything you need to know about Homeowners insurance. The presenter will discuss how to understand your policy, eligibility, and the major types of insurance policies you can purchase. Settlement options, types of coverages, and rates & premiums will also be discussed. Lastly, the presenter will touch upon what to do if you experience a loss of property.

Insurance in Your Golden Years: What Seniors Need to Know About Health, Auto and Life Insurance and More

This presentation serves as a refresher on what seniors need to know about common insurance products and offers helpful tips and information specific to senior citizens.

Long Term Care Insurance

This presentation will help consumers get a better understanding of what Long Term Care Insurance is and what it covers. The presenter will discuss how to tell if it is right for you, what questions to ask when shopping around, and much more!

The Role of the State Regulator and an Understanding Auto Insurance Activity for High School Students

This presentation is aimed toward high school students studying insurance and risk management in the classroom and works to educate the students about insurance regulation from the state’s perspective.

Additional Resources

Dollar Works 2

A comprehensive financial education program that teaches individuals about personal finance within the context of their personal culture and life experiences. The curriculum consists of 12 independent units that take learners from practice to application within the context of their own lives. Sessions are focused on making decisions about money; making a spending plan; managing a spending plan; saving and investing; using credit wisely; managing debt; and solving consumer problems.

Michigan Council on Economic Education

The Michigan Council on Economic Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working as a public/private partnership – the primary resource for Michigan’s K-12 teachers and school districts seeking training and classroom resources for economic and financial education, at little or no cost thanks to financial support from partners.

Next Gen Personal Finance

Provides a comprehensive set of curricular resources used by over 16,000 educators in 10,000 schools serving middle and high school students. NGPF offerings run the gamut from a full semester course to videos, activities, games and case studies. Rated top business and finance education site by Common Sense Education.

Securing Mi Financial Future (SMFF)

This one-of-a-kind workshop has been helping Michigan consumers build, secure, and protect their future since 2014. This workshop is a no-cost, financial wellness and consumer awareness program to help consumers recognize and reach their financial goals.