Soo Locks Support

Governor Rick Snyder: “Some of the biggest industries in the world rely on this vital shipping corridor, which means the entire United States relies on it. It was great to hear the President commit to having the federal government take action and get this long-standing project underway.”

Detroit Regional Chamber: “Advocating for bipartisan support to fund the rebuilding of the Soo Locks was a 2017 Mackinac To-Do List item. We are pleased to see the Soo Locks getting national and state attention, as it is a vital source for trade and commerce across the country. We look forward to working with the Trump administration, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Michigan’s congressional delegation on upgrading the infrastructure.” -Sandy Baruah, Detroit Regional Chamber President & CEO

Traverse City Chamber: “While the local and regional economic impact of the Soo Locks is significant, this is not local or regional infrastructure. It is national infrastructure with national economic significance.” -Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations

Congressman Jack Bergman: “Since taking office, building a new Poe-sized Lock has been my number one infrastructure priority for the First District of Michigan. Last week I had the opportunity to speak with President Donald Trump about the critical need for a new Lock and the economic impact a Lock failure would have not only on Michigan, but the entire country. I appreciate the Trump Administration and Lt. Governor Calley’s commitment to continuing the work we’ve started, and I look forward to working together with our State and Federal partners to accomplish this critical task.”

Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition: “On behalf the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition, we look forward to working with Lieutenant Governor Brian Nelson Calley, Governor Snyder, and the Trump Administration, to advance the Soo Locks modernization project. We are ready to help in any capacity and look forward to advocating for the project.” -Brandon Mendoza and Marty McGann, coalition co-directors

Lake Carriers’ Association: “The Soo Locks represent the lynchpin of our economy. There is no other single point in America’s manufacturing supply chain whose failure would tear through the economy so quickly and profoundly in every state. The time is past due for the smaller lock to give way to a new large lock that will share the burden for 93 percent of the cargo reliant on the Poe Lock. We are excited that the momentum is building to finally bring this new lock to fruition and are hopeful construction will begin sooner rather than later.” - Tom Rayburn, director of environmental and regulatory affairs

Michigan Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus: “The Soo Locks are an integral part of the tourism fabric for the Upper Peninsula. Investing in the long-term sustainability of the locks will not only support the economic fabric of Northern Michigan, but will ensure they remain an attraction to visitors for generations to come.” - Linda Hoath, Exec. Director Sault Ste Marie Convention and Visitors Bureau and President of the Michigan Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus   

Lake Superior State University: “Lake Superior State University supports the Soo Locks effort as the most significant investment in the Upper Peninsula since the Mackinac Bridge in 1957 and the most significant investment in Sault Ste. Marie since the International Bridge in 1962. At the nexus of the Great Lakes, Lake State’s soon to be constructed Center for Freshwater Research and Education will provide valuable scientific study as well as an incubator for entrepreneurs and a champion for preserving the natural habitat and sports fishing industry. Likewise, LSSU’s Lukenda School of Business and our nationally recognized Robotics program in the School of Engineering and Technology will become resources and drivers of economic development in the region — both the Upper Midwest and Ontario”. LSSU President, Dr. Peter T. Mitchell

Michigan Aggregates Association: “The members of the Michigan Aggregates Association rely heavily on the Soo Locks to transport millions of tons of materials every year. These employers are delivering product across the country and the globe and we appreciate the Lt. Governor, Governor and President Trump’s willingness to bring national attention to this important infrastructure need. -Doug Needham, President

Grand Rapids Chamber: Trade is the life blood of the economy and the Soo Locks are a vital artery for industry in North America, passing an average of 10,000 ships per year. We need to ensure they last another hundred years, and the time is now for investment. - Rick Baker, Grand Rapids Chamber President & CEO

Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce: The Soo Locks are critical to the future of all maritime activity on the Great Lakes. That makes modernizing this aging infrastructure a top priority for Muskegon, Michigan and our country. - Cindy Larsen, Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce President

The Chamber of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg:  The importance of the locks cannot be understated. They represent jobs in my community and across the country. This infrastructure is in dire need of upgrading and we call on our elected leaders to act. - Joy Gaasch, President of the Chamber of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg

Lakeshore Advantage: “The Soo Locks is a critical interstate waterway and a federally-funded solution for fixing the locks is necessary to keep our region, state and country producing American-made goods, ensuring great jobs and opportunities now and for future generations.” – Jennifer Owens, President, Lakeshore Advantage

Carmeuse Lime & Stone: “Carmeuse Lime and Stone; one of the largest suppliers of limestone, in the Great Lakes region would be severely impacted if there were a major issue with the current Sault Lock system. Each year, Carmeuse ships millions of tons of high quality limestone that passes through the Soo Lock system. If the lock system were to go down for an extended period, this would negatively impact business and Carmeuse would need to consider significant headcount reductions. The construction of the proposed lock system would reduce the risk of future layoffs and greatly benefit the numerous industries that use water transportation to ship products to the market, much like we do at Carmeuse.” - Ray LeClair, Director of Operations

Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce:  It is exciting to see momentum building to bring this new lock to fruition. The locks are a key economic lynchpin and we  need a new lock to meet future economic demand. We are hopeful construction begins sooner rather than later.” – Jane Clark, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, President

Michigan Manufacturers Association: “Manufacturing is the largest sector of Michigan’s economy and the flow of raw materials and finished goods is critical to Michigan and, indeed, the nation’s economic future,” said Mike Johnston, MMA vice president of government affairs.

Business Leaders for Michigan: “The Soo Locks are the only waterway connection from Lake Superior to other Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, making it a single point of failure in a system that supports millions of jobs nationwide and billions of dollars of economic activity. The President has shown that he understands how important these locks and Michigan are to the nation” – Doug Rothwell, President & CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan

Michigan Farm Bureau: “ The Soo Locks are a critical waterway for bulk commodities, farm equipment, and other agricultural inputs and products. I think we take the Soo Locks for granted because they’ve been in existence for so long. If they were to have an unexpected and sustained breakdown there’s no reasonable alternatives to deliver supplies, machinery, iron ore and other products we rely on. Michigan’s food and agriculture industry, which contributes more than $100 billion annually to the state’s economy, greatly values the health of the Soo Locks. And as the state’s largest general farm organization, we implore Congress and the federal government to allocate funds necessary to repair and upgrade the Soo Locks.” – Carl Bednarski, Michigan Farm Bureau President

Lake Superior Community Partnership: “Mineral extraction is a major industry in the Upper Peninsula including iron ore mining.  We understand how critical the Soo Locks are to this industry, and to the whole North American economy.  We urge decision makers at the state and federal levels to make this infrastructure investment a priority.” – Amy Clickner, Lake Superior Community Partnership

American Iron and Steel Institute: “Domestic steel making is an integral part of the North American manufacturing supply chain, supporting more than two million American jobs.  The Soo Locks are critical to the steel industry, and to the manufacturing economy of the United States. More than 75 million tons of cargo annually pass through the Locks, including nearly all of the iron ore that is essential for the American steel industry throughout the Great Lakes.  Unfortunately, the Locks need a substantial investment to be rebuilt and improved for the 21st Century. We are pleased to support this bipartisan, multi-state coalition." –Brett Smith, American Iron and Steel Institute sr. director of government affairs

Cleveland-Cliffs: “Cleveland-Cliffs is encouraged by recent findings of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Economic Validation Study that demonstrate the massive benefit of investing in the Soo Locks. Cleveland-Cliffs is the largest and oldest independent producer of iron ore pellets in the United States, and has been mining iron ore in the Upper Peninsula for over 170 years.  From our mines in Michigan and Minnesota, we supply the iron feedstock to steel producing customers across the Great Lakes, which in turn supply others, enabling manufacturing and job creation throughout the entire region.  The Soo Locks are vital to our business and to all downstream manufacturing businesses. We commend the state and federal officials, including the Snyder Administration, who are working to accelerate federal investment in the Soo Locks.” - Lourenco Goncalves, Chairman, President, and CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc