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Gov. Rick Snyder: Flint Water Advisory Task Force presents comprehensive findings, recommendations for action

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

LANSING, Mich. – An independent task force appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to examine the Flint water crisis released its comprehensive report today.

“When this task force came together I asked them to be completely unbiased in determining how the Flint water crisis occurred,” Snyder said. “I also requested they focus on how we prevent any situation like this from occurring in the future and I appreciate their thorough recommendations.

“Many of the recommendations made in this report are already being implemented, both within my own office and in various state departments. We are taking dozens of actions to change how we operate – not just to hold ourselves accountable, but to completely change state government’s accountability to the people we serve.”

The task force was convened by Gov. Snyder in October of 2015. Members include Ken Sikkema of Public Sector Consultants, Chris Kolb of the Michigan Environmental Council, Dr. Matthew Davis of the University of Michigan Health System, Eric Rothstein of the Galardi Rothstein Group and Dr. Lawrence Reynolds of Mott Children’s Health Center in Flint. 

A full list of recommendations that indicates where action already underway at the state level, due to initial task force findings communicated to the governor as well as internal reviews of operations can be viewed here.

The Flint Water Advisory Task Force full report is available here.

Gov. Snyder on Monday released a 75-point plan to address Flint’s short-, immediate- and long-term future and is committed to the city’s recovery, both in terms of the water crisis as well as its economic outlook. To date, the state has invested $67 million to help the people of Flint recover from the water crisis as part of the Governor's $232 million in recommended funding.