Gov. Rick Snyder: Revised revenue estimates show Michigan's economy is strong, growing stronger

State has resources for strategic investment to help schools, roads, and growing the economy

Thursday, May 15, 2014

LANSING, Michigan – Gov. Rick Snyder today issued the following statement after administration and legislative fiscal agencies reached a consensus on revenue estimates:“Michigan’s economy is strong and growing stronger. Due in part to changes in federal tax law, the amount of revenue now anticipated is less than initial estimates but we continue to have more money flowing into our state as more and better jobs are created and businesses grow.

“The revenue-estimating process allows us time to make adjustments. We are working with our partners in the Legislature to revise the 2015 budget recommendation. I remain focused on priorities that I believe will improve the quality of life for all Michiganders. We will invest in education at all levels to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and give them skills to be successful. We will invest in our infrastructure to keep our residents safe. And we will continue to grow as the economy expands, strengthening our No. 1 rating for job growth with more than a quarter million private sector jobs created since 2010.

“Michigan’s fiscal house is back in order. Our growing economy, with smart and responsible budgeting, will allow us to strategically invest to make sure that our state continues to move forward and build a bright future.”