Gov. Rick Snyder says NITC moving forward as clearing of land begins for bridge project

Parties working together to meet needs of community, NITC

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

LANSING, Mich. – The clearing of land that will allow for construction of the New International Trade Crossing began today, and Gov. Rick Snyder said the work underscores the ongoing progress being made on this vital project.

Three blighted and abandoned publicly owned structures on South Post Street, South Crawford Street and Reid Street in southwest Detroit are being cleared this week. Additional demolition activity will occur in the next several months.

“The NITC will energize the turnaround of Detroit and our entire state,” Snyder said. “It means jobs for families, modern infrastructure that attracts investment, and greater security for Michigan and America. The clearing of land is the latest phase of this exciting project, which is right on track and moving forward. We appreciate all parties working collaboratively in a manner that ensures the needs of the community and the project both are met.”

This is the latest milestone in the NITC project. In July, appointments to the International Authority were announced by Snyder and Lisa Raitt, Canada’s minister of transport. The authority will oversee construction of the publicly owned bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

The permit from the U.S. Coast Guard also was granted earlier this year.

Canada is Michigan’s largest trading partner, and more than 200,000 Michigan jobs depend on U.S.-Canada trade.