Gov. Rick Snyder signs bill phasing out film incentives program

Also signs measures making technical improvements to Personal Property Tax repeal, agricultural fee updates

Friday, July 10, 2015

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Film Office will continue operating but will no longer offer cash rebates for companies that produce movies in the state, under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“It’s important that we support creativity and innovation in our state, and we’ll continue to have a Michigan Film Office to assist moviemakers and production staff,” Snyder said. “Michigan has much to offer the movie industry, including top-notch talent and beautiful backdrops that will continue to draw filmmakers to Michigan even without taxpayer-funded incentives.”

House Bill 4122, sponsored by state Rep. Dan Lauwers, prohibits the film office and the Michigan Strategic Fund from providing funding under a new agreement or increasing funding under an existing agreement for film production expenditures.  The bill also requires all money remaining for the cash rebate program revert back to the state’s General Fund once all payments from existing agreements are made. It is now Public Act 117 of 2015.

The governor today also signed HB 4391, also sponsored by Lauwers, which modernizes the pesticide and fertilizer fee structure and extends the Freshwater Protection Fund sunset to Dec. 2021. The bill also extends the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program verification from 3 to 5 years, and creates a mechanism to recognize the efforts of farmers working toward verification. It is now Public Act 118.

Six bills also signed by the governor today make technical improvements to repeal of the Personal Property Tax:

HB 4553, sponsored by state Rep. Dave Maturen, updates exemption filing requirements and clarifies the tax treatment of certain property. It is now PA 119.

HB 4554, also sponsored by Maturen, simplifies the essential services assessment calculation, updates filing requirements and rescission provisions, and clarifies the tax treatment of local personal property tax relief.  It is now PA 120.

HB 4555, sponsored by state Rep. Ken Yonker, makes the same changes laid out in HB 4554 for abated essential services assessments. It is now PA 121.

HB 4556, also sponsored by Yonker, updates local government reimbursement provisions and increases reimbursement for small taxpayer exemption loss. It is now PA 122.

HB 4557, sponsored by state Rep. Jim Townsend, creates reporting requirements for eligible manufacturing personal property that is receiving an extended local personal property tax exemption. It is now PA 123.

HB 4558, also sponsored by Townsend, provides funding for the authority that is charged with administering local government reimbursement. It is now PA 124.

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