Gov. Rick Snyder makes appointment to Michigan Board of Optometry

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder announced the appointment of Thomas Terres of Bath to the Michigan Board of Optometry.

The nine-member board oversees the licensure requirements and standards for Michigan's more than 1,600 optometrists.

“This board works to ensure Michiganders are being treated by professional, quality optometrists, and I thank Thomas for representing the public and their needs," Snyder said. 

Terres is president of the Mid-Michigan Collection Bureau and previously served as the president of the Michigan Association of Collection Agencies. He attended Hiram Scott College in Nebraska and will represent the general public and replace Kurt Tech.

Terres will serve a four-year term expiring June 30, 2022. His appointment is subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.