Meet the Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor Brian Calley

Lt. Governor Brian Calley

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is strengthening Michigan by removing barriers to its potential. Working in partnership with Governor Rick Snyder, the Lieutenant Governor has played an integral role in Michigan’s comeback.

He guided two historic tax reforms through the legislature that have opened new doors of economic opportunity and private sector job growth. He also worked to create citizen and business friendly state government services by leading an initiative to improve efficiencies and eliminate outdated regulations.

He is committed to removing barriers to individual potential.

Lieutenant Governor Calley has gained national recognition for his work on mental wellness. He led the Michigan Mental Health and Wellness Commission, which developed strategies to help Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens find better lives through self-determination and independence. He led the charge to implement autism insurance reform and has traveled extensively to promote inclusion for people with disabilities.

The Lieutenant Governor served two terms in the Michigan House of Representatives. His career in community banking provided him a strong background for his work in the legislature.

He has been given the “Executive Champion Award” from Autism Speaks and was named one of the U.S. Jaycees’ “Ten Outstanding Young Americans”. Lieutenant Governor Calley holds degrees from Michigan State, GVSU and Harvard. He and his wife Julie live in Ionia County with their three children.


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