May 2011: Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Date:  May 01, 2011  -  May 31, 2011
Time: All Day Event

WHEREAS, usually seen during the late spring, summer and early fall, Lyme Disease (LD) is an inflammatory disease that initially displays flu-like symptoms including headache, body aches, fever, body rash and fatigue; and, 

WHEREAS, vector-borne diseases, including Lyme Disease, are infectious diseases carried from one organism to another, and in the case of LD, illness is caused by a bacteria that is transmitted to people through the bite of an infected tick; and,     

WHEREAS, in Michigan, LD in ticks and people has historically been isolated to the western Upper Peninsula, however recent data shows LD appearing in the western counties of lower Michigan; and, 

WHEREAS, when walking or hiking in woods or grassy areas, it is encouraged to spray all exposed skin and clothing with insect repellant, and to wear light colored clothing to make it easier to spot ticks; and, 

WHEREAS, during this month, we raise awareness of Lyme Disease in Michigan, encouraging citizens of all ages to learn more about the disease and to take steps to prevent infection while outdoors; 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 2011 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Michigan