October 2011: Michigan Bullying Prevention Month

Date:  October 01, 2011  -  October 31, 2011
Time: All Day Event
WHEREAS, bullying is repeated physical or emotional harm or intimidation intentionally directed at a person or group of people by someone using power over another to control or harm them; and,


WHEREAS, the causes for bullying are varied, but home environment, individual temperament and social context are often factors that may contribute to a bullying problem; and,


WHEREAS, bullying not only endangers learning growth and school safety, but also causes far-reaching consequences including severe depression; those who bully are at greater risk of engaging in more serious and violent behaviors in adolescence and adulthood; and, 


WHEREAS, during this month, we raise awareness of bullying prevention throughout the state; providing a safe and healthy learning environment for Michigan's children is of utmost importance, and we encourage Michigan schools, families, recreation programs, workplaces, religious institutions and community organizations to engage in bullying prevention and awareness activities as we work toward a safer Michigan; 


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 2011 as Michigan Bullying Prevention Month.