October 16 through October 22, 2011: Michigan Credit Union Week

Date:  October 16, 2011  -  October 22, 2011
Time: All Day Event
WHEREAS, since 1934, credit unions have served Michigan citizens, demonstrating innovation, leadership and a commitment to the communities in which they serve; and,


WHEREAS, nationally, there are nearly 8,000 active status federally insured credit unions with approximately 90 million members; and,


WHEREAS, credit unions are non-profit, member-owned financial institutions that accept deposits, make loans and provide a variety of other financial services for their members including financial education seminars and operating student-run credit union branches within schools; and,


WHEREAS, during this week, we join with the Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates to recognize the efforts and economic contributions of credit unions throughout Michigan;  


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim Sunday, October 16 through Saturday, October 22, 2011 as Michigan Credit Union Week.